What is a safe "Midnight Snack"?


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Yesterday was Day One for me on Whole 30 and I enjoyed the food and felt satisfied all day long until..... I turned off the light, was almost asleep and suddenly STARVING.  I got up and ate a small apple, but that made two and a half fruits.  It satisfied me and I fell asleep. Any other easy, quick solutions?  Would carrots have been better? What could I have prepared in the fridge for sudden hunger?  I used to eat yogurt with berries.  And do I need to start over on my Whole 30?

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It would help to see what you ate during the day to know why you were hungry after your 3rd meal.  I wonder if you ate enough during the day?

You want to avoid eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed. 

If you are hungry between meals, the recommendation is to have a 'mini-meal' snack including a protein and a fat (don't want to be snacking on fruit or veggies alone).

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Before I snack, I try a glass of sparkling water or cup of tea to see if that satisfies me.  If not, then I do the mini-meal snack.

Possibilities (off the top of my head):

- leftovers from previous meal
- hard boiled egg and 1/2 or full avocado
- prosciutto wrapped around melon with some olives on the side

- sardines and a small side tomato salad with olive oil

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