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Whole 60 and loving it!


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I started the whole 30 when my xboyfriend challenged me to do so. I was already on a high protein- low carb diet so the transition was easy. I was then in the gym 5days @ 2hrs per day hitting the weights hard. Then a medical condition occurred and I was afraid I'd gain weight again. I maintained the whole30 with no slip ups and although I've been gym free for close to two months now, I managed to take 10lbs off and keep them off. I tried introducing foods back but I find that I actually get bloated and feel little suck when I have done so. I don't mind at all keeping up with no sugars/carbs. I feel great, energized and healthy for the first time in my 39 years.

By the way...my 16 year old looovvveess the recipes and although she's at a very good weight knowing her health will be great, encourages her to join me in this new life.

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