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3 weeks in, 1 week to go, feeling great!


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I'm three weeks in and feeling awesome.


Although I've been typically 15-20lbs overweight for most of my life, I'm very physically active and very body positive. Our culture is just so bonkers about weight and thinness and I thankfully learned long ago to reject the body hating. I try to focus on the amazing things my body can do and feel and not the number on the scale.


I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager—but it was when my husband and I tried to conceive in our early 30's that it presented an issue. I was diagnosed with infertility and we tried to have a baby for 4.5 years. After one miscarriage, and while taking a break from fertility treatments, but doing a lot of fertility yoga and acupuncture, I got pregnant. I now have a sweet and happy 10 month old daughter. 


Throughout my fertility journey, the connection of insulin resistance and PCOS was revealed to me. I was told to eat whole foods, low starch, low sugar. Let me tell you that not until doing the Whole 30 did I realize how much sugar is in... everything. I didn't think I ate "that much" sugar, and although typically eating pretty 'healthy' foods, crackers, chocolate, and cheddar cheese was becoming more and more regular staples. I found my weight hovering at about 30lbs overweight and climbing. 


I'm 3 weeks into the program and excited to have already seen some significant results.


The weight is seriously coming off. I'm eating huge meals. I mean, loaded with vegetables. When I eat more vegetables and am not skimping at all on the fat is when I feel satisfied and have 0 desire to snack. Amazing. 


Inches are coming off, clothes are fitting better, bloated feeling is gone. It's so nice to see results when I have been exercising for years (I mean, running half marathons, even) and not seen these kinds of results. So cool. 


My skin has less redness and itchiness. 


Sleep. Here's where it's clear that my diet is not the issue, it's my bad sleep habits. Still working on that. (No screen time late in the evening, when will I learn?)


I'm just so pleased to make the connection that if the insulin resistance is an issue for me. My body thrives on less sugar. I have noticed that the more fruit I snack on, the more cravings for sugar I have. However, my husband and I for almost every meal have split a piece of fruit and have it with coconut cream. A few bites of natural sweetness along with a meal works great for us and then no eating until the next meal. 


Some tips I'd have for others:

Think of the food prep as a nourishing and important part of your life, and a loving act of self care. 

Love your body for what it does, don't focus on the number on the scale.

If you're hungry between meals and struggling, eat bigger meals and eat more fat with it. Eating good fats is essential to not being hungry and to weight control. Also, it's delicious. (Coconut cream, hello!)

The more variety and creativity you bring to the program the more fun it is to do. 


Thanks, Whole9/Whole 30 for such a do-able, nourishing, logical approach to getting healthy and feeling great. It has set off light bulbs about what my body needs to be nourished and my body is high five-ing you. 



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