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Wolfe Family Attempt #2


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Well, it took a bit for my profile to get activated, so My log is starting late. Currently on day 8.


Hubby and I started our first Whole 30 on April 29 but failed on day 21 when the creamery at the beach called our names and neither of us had the willpower at the time to say no to the other. We were "on vacation", as if the same beach you go to every few months really certifies as a reason to cheat! Neither of us really got to the tiger blood last time, which likely contributed to our willingness to quit.


This time, I have a few ideas of how we can get the results we really want:

1) GET SLEEP! We have a 14 month old who still doesn't sleep through the night and I have to be up at 4:30 some mornings for work, but we are going to make it happen!

2) Get exercise- hubby was great about this last time but I didn't get off my butt once and that's just plain sad


My goals:

1) Have more energy to play with my son

2) Get over my sugar addiction

3) Get rid of the seemingly constant brain fog I have been under for a while now

4) Get flat abs! (yeah, it's vain, but I've always wanted it!!)



Today's Food:

Meal 1: Sweet potato hash with sugar-free local bacon and onion, topped with 2 over-easy eggs, raspberries, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Banana Bread Luna bar (long shifts at work and breastfeeding necessitate an extra meal, but no time for real eating in the ER!)

Meal 3: Taco salad with mixed greens, bell pepper, celery, tomato, muschroom, red onion, 1/2 avocado, seasoned beef, Tessemae's southwest ranch, and salsa

Meal 4: Kabobs with chicken, pineapple, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, and tomato with side of steamed asparagus



Feeling hungry and tired :-/ I really need to work on this sleep thing.

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Well, forgot to post yesterday, Day 9. I felt energized for much of the day, until about 6pm. Considering I woke up at 4:30am for work I guess that's not too bad but I'd realy l like to feel more alert until at least the baby's bedtime. I ended up staying up until 10pm and had to fight with myself not to cheat (thank goodness the Whole30 won that battle!).


Meal 1: Sweet potato hash with eggs, 1/2 banana, raspberries, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Primal Pac (I find this more satisfying than a Lara bar on the days I work long shifts and need the extra meal)

Meal 3: Taco salad, same as yesterday

Meal 4: Chicken curry via the master recipe in ISWF with red bell pepper, sweet potato, mushroom with cashews on top


I'm happy to add that I at least did an ab workout yesterday morning before breakfast...baby steps!

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Long day today, as usual. I am sitting here frustrated and hungry but I know the hunger is mostly related to the frustration and lack of sleep rather than under-nourishment :unsure:


Meal 1: Same as yesterday, hash with eggs, berries, bit of banana

Meal 2: Taco salad

Meal 3: Cashew cookie Lara bar

Meal 4: Pan-fried T-bone, roasted butternut squash, green beans with ghee

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Today was a pretty good day overall. I wasn't too hungry throughout the day and I was pretty happy for much of the day. I didn't get in a workout, but did go for a walk with the baby on my back in a carrier so I think that counts! I found that for the last few days I was "fudging" here and there with portions to get more food, so I tried to work on that a little today.


Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with mushroom, bell pepper, roasted onion; blackberries, avocado

Meal 2: Salad with mixed greens, blueberries, apple, hazelnuts, mushrooms, chicken, avocado, oil and vinegar dressing

Meal 3: Pan-seared salmon, green beans sauteed in ghee and coconut aminos, and roasted sweet potato tossed in olive oil with cumin, salt, and pepper


Also had a Lara bar with decaf coffee and coconut milk as a 4th meal which was a nice treat!


I wonder if I could stand to do a whole 30 not breastfeeding since I'd only get 3 meals lol

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Ok, forgot to post yesterday after working until 1am, whoops!


Day went well and I had plenty of energy to sustain me through the long shift.

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with veggies, blackberries/banana, avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Baked Thingy from Paleo on a Budget (ground beef, diced tomato, onion, carrot, green beans)

Meal 3: Salad from yesterday with mixed greens, chicken, mushroom, fruit, hazelnut, avocado


And a primal pac to see me through the end of my shift.



Today, I am dog tired! I know I didn't allow myself enough sleep last night (tough to rest well when you get home at 2am wired and unable to fall asleep and have to get up at 9am with the baby).


Meal 1: Same ol' same ol'- scrambled eggs with veggies, berries, grapes, cashew butter for fat (no ripe avocado at home)

Meal 2: Salad, same as yesterday but wiith coconut butter on the side for added fat as no avocado :-(

Meal 3: Baked Thingy

Meal 4: Banana Bread Luna Bar


I know I should really be having a mini-whole 30 meal instead of these Luna bars and primal pacs, but I already feel like I am prepping soooooo much and washing so many dishes the break is nice. I hope that isn't impeding my progress too much

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