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Herbal remedy for menstrual headaches


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Does anyone have any good herbal remedies for headaches?  I get really bad headaches right before that special time of the month and usually take ibuprofen for a couple days to cope; however, since I have IBS (irritable bowl syndrom), it is recommended (in "It Starts With Food") that I do not take any NSAIDSs (Nonsterodial anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin) as they can disrupt the linning of my gut.  I'm pretty willing to try anything! 


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That headache is often caused by a drop in estrogen prior to your period (at least that's what my gyn suggested).  I found mine mostly clear up when I eat really clean.  I still get brain fog a day or two prior, but no headache that often accompanies it.  Fingers crossed something similar happens to you!


As for herbs, here's a quick list: http://www.examiner.com/article/six-natural-alternatives-to-ibuprofen  I've heard of white willow bark being a good replacement, but haven't used it.  

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I had a roommate that swore by rosemary. She would get migraines that would put her out of commission for days at a time. I started making some spaghetti sauce from scratch and did an overload of rosemary by accident. She tried the sauce and she claimed it cured the migraine after a few hours. It got to the point where I would always have some in the freezer for her just in case. It always seemed to do the trick for her...

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