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Day 2 of start date June 24


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I had been on the fence about committing myself to the whole 30, but wasn't sure that I could complete it.  Well I found out last week that I have a fracture in my foot and will not be able to run or workout for the next month... This is what pushed me over the commitment line.  I know that I need to be eating a cleaner / healthier diet especially right now.  I have wanted to move my family towards a healthier relationship with food.  SO, here I am on day 2.  I actually felt like I experienced some withdrawals and irritability yesterday, but woke up after some wonderful rest feeling light and clear headed.  I am not excited to see what ups and downs the next few days will bring.  But I am excited to see how I fair at the end of this little experiment. 


I am so excited to be here! 

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