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I've set my sails!


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Well...I did it! I've officially completed my Whole30 as of today and I'm thrilled. I feel GOOD. I've lost 13 pounds, I feel in control of my eating and did I mention that I feel GOOD? My plan now is to keep going with this way of eating and be okay with an occasional detour (not planned cheats!) if I don't have other options.

I made a recent blog post on my Day 28 that speaks to my experience doing my Whole30 that I'm pasting below.

â€It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind, that determines your course“.

~Jim Rohn, business philosopher

That quote has always resonated with me in so many parts of my life but why is it that it never did in regards to the food I put in my body?? It's funny…I've had this tug of war over food and weight as long as I can remember. And each time I have ended up with my face in the mud. I start a “diet†and do well at it for a while and then BAM!–face in the mud again. Again and again and again over years. I consider myself a somewhat smart person. I've always understood the calories in and calories out part. That never seemed to keep me on track or rather keep my sails set in the right direction.

Until I found the paleo style of eating. More specifically–until I found Whole30. I've now had my “AHA momentâ€! You mean if I put good wholesome real food in my body it will make me feel better? If I fuel my body with food that doesn't cause inflamation that I will have more energy, sleep better, feel stronger and have clarity of mind? Amazing thought isn't it? Sigh. Here's the thing…it truly is amazing and yet simple and doable. As Melissa and Dallas of Whole30/Whole9 say “it is not hard“.

So, for the past 30 days I have been setting my sails towards a healthy life, a healthy body, a healthy ME. I have been eating clean, whole, good for me foods and I feel good! I sleep like a baby, wake up with more energy than I can remember, my aches and pains have reduced, I don't feel puffy and most importantly I feel like I am beginning to KNOW my body. I now feel like I am learning to listen to my body and what it is telling me–if it's really hungry, what kind of food it needs, if it needs more sleep, etc. I feel GOOD. I have 2 more days to go on my first Whole30 and I don't really have any plans to change anything once I'm done. My sails are set and I'm flying along the water with ease. I know I need to watch for rocky waters at times but that's okay. I get it now.

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