Final Day! One piece of advice for people starting out


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Today is Day 30. I'm very proud of myself for committing and completing. I've pre-made all my food for today--not taking any chances.


I've noticed over the past week, that my energy has been low and I've had a general feeling of blah...just not feeling good. But I had been feeling good/great at the half-way mark. So I have a little detective work to do.


After today, I'm going to continue eating on plan, while I figure out what has changed in the past week or two. I'm writing here to encourage people starting out to keep a food log, either here or on paper. I've kept a food log since day one, and I'm going to use it to identify any changes I may have made. As I wrote in my food journal this morning, I've come up with eight things that may have affected my energy. I've stayed true to the plan, the food template, and the spirit of Whole30 throughout. However, I have seen several small changes. For example, when I started, I was eating 3 eggs every day. This last half, I switched to meat in the morning--not consciously, just a taste preference. So, I'm looking at things like that. My point is, without my food journal, I wouldn't remember everything I'd been eating,drinking, supplementing or in what quantities, as well as how I felt each day. I feel like by having a record of my personal food/drink/supplement choices, I don't have to try random suggestions. I can systematically work with my food to try and achieve that great feeling again.


My best to everyone on this journey!

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Good idea! I often recommend a food diary to clients trying to determine the source of problems, and I'm embarrassed that I didn't think to apply it more generally to myself. :rolleyes:  I'm only day two - I can catch up. Thank you. 

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I wish I had taken better notes but I did figure some things out. I felt consistently good almost from the beginning. I hit my peak of feeling good around day 15.


Day 14--felt really good all day! Woke up easily and good energy most of the day.

Day 15--good day, easy to stay on track

Day 18--feel like I'm getting somewhere! More than half-way. I love the food--and it loves me. Well, except for sardines.

Day 21--Dinner ended with sauteed plantain--Heaven!!! Euphoric!!! Have lost taste for eggs.

Day 24--felt somewhat discouraged. Eating felt like a chore. Perfunctory. No thrill or pleasure--something that needed to be done. Tempted to quit.

Day 29--Not feeling great. Kind of down. A little teary in the afternoon.

Day 30--Woke up feeling blah.


So, it looks like it was all good up until the last week. Some things I noticed about my eating. I never strayed from the template or ate snacks. I ate enough that I would make it to the next meal. But in that last week, I started getting very efficient and only focused on finishing the week up. I kind of sucked all the fun and pleasure out of it.


I precooked everything on Sunday and assembled meals throughout week.

I had discovered that salad/raw veggies didn't get me through comfortably, so I had let them go. 

Cut back to template amount of fat for last week. I had been eating more for the first three weeks.

Very few eggs.

Way less variety of vegetables. From 18 different ones the first week to 11 different ones this last week. 


My plan is to stay on plan and add the variety back in. Oh, and get some more plantains!

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