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Is this normal?


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I have outrageous cravings during certain parts of my cycle, and I've been eating like this for about three months. I think my body needs a little extra fuel at certain times, so I feed it more when it sends hunger signals. Better to choose a mini meal over nuts and fruit... But nuts and fruit is way better than a pint of Ben & Jerry's! :)

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Middle of the night snacking during cycle.

I found myself munching on some dates & raw cashews. Is this a normal thing to battle when you start eating clean?



For me?  YES!  Well, not middle of the night but constant need for stuff in my mouth the first 2 weeks.  Careful of the dates because they are high sugar and might be triggering the urge to eat plus not helping you conquer any sugar problem you might have as a goal for Whole30.  Cashews, although a good nut choice, should also be limited to single servings (small handful) or not at all for a time.


Good luck with the rest of Whole30!

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