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Starting over.


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Sugar dragon won yesterday after almost a week compliant so I am starting over.  I just noticed this thread and thought I should officially introduce myself.  My name is Joann I am in my mid forties, married and I live on a horse farm in northern new england.  


I am doing whole 30 to find out if I am gluten intolerant.  I also have prediabetes, high blood pressure, hemochromatosis, osteoartritis and am prematurely retired due to those illnesses as well as some serious mental health issues.  So this is an experiment to see if the whole 30 improves the symptoms resulting from those issues in which case I will slowly reintroduce to find what I tolerate well.  Hoping I can introduce back dairy as I enjoy yogurt, an occasional ice cream cone and cheese.  May have to limit sugar as I had a seriously bad sugar spike and crash after having an ice cream cone last night.

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