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Second time's the charm?


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I did my first whole 30 in April and although it had some rockly moments, I found it to be thoroughly rewarding.

I've done a lot of fine tuning with my Paleo diet since and feel ready to embark on another Whole30 adventure. Initially very afraid of carbs, I was really tired all the time. Now that I have re-introduced the awesomeness that is sweet potato to my diet, I feel ready to do another round and hopefully reap the rewards.

Over the fourth of July holiday, I indulged in too much sugar, booze and my first piece of gluten riddled cake since January. I didn't get any major physical side-effects but my brain feels like it is covered in fog and I just found out that I literally SLEPT THROUGH A MAJOR EXPLOSION last night! My boyfriend said it shook our apartment and made every car alarm on the block go off...I'm normally a light sleeper---eeek!

Too much sugar zaps my energy like crazy.

Anyway, wishing all others a happy 30 day journey!


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