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Started today, June 26


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Hey there. I'm starting my Whole30 today. I thought about starting tomorrow, but after breakfast I decided to just bite the bullet and start right away.


About a year ago I did Tim Ferriss' slow-carb diet for three months and managed to lose 35 pounds in around 90 days. I'd never really worried about my weight before, but after a thyroid issue and a pretty significant weight gain it became clear that I needed to do something. I've put all of that weight, plus about 5 pounds back on in a hurry.


I didn't feel like the slow-carb diet really did much for me except help me lose weight. It didn't help me change my eating habits, it didn't change my relationship with the foods that I craved and it certainly didn't develop an long-term habits.


The slow-carb diet also made me really weight-obsessed. I checked my weight multiple times a day and was really good at berating myself for going up and no so good at feeling good about going down.


I have high hopes for the Whole30, although I'm truly dreading giving up alcohol for 30 days, a sentiment that doesn't get me much sympathy from my wife and mother of my two children. As she says, "Try nine months".



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