How many carbs offset fat utilization?


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I am training to run a marathon. Since completing my first whole 30 a few weeks ago I have stuck to a pretty strict paleo diet. I have been eating about 1 sweet potato pre workout and 3 hard-boiled eggs and another sweet potato post workout. I slice up the sweet potatoes and fry them for about 10 minutes in coconut oil.


I feel great while I'm running, but I want to make sure that I am not eating so many carbs that I am ruining the fat utilization that I trained my body to do while on the whole 30. I know i went through that stage because my training was horrible for about 3+ weeks until I hit my breakthrough.


Does anyone have any ideas on this? How will I know if I am using too many carbs and am going back to only using carbs to fuel my runs? I haven't gotten too far into the training, but have used this meal planning from anywhere from 11 mile runs to 6 mile runs.

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