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Canuck Gal's Whole 30... I did it!

canuck gal

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Today is day 31.


Before Whole30 I was eating a pretty clean diet, although whole grains, low fat, egg whites only no yolks etc..type of diet and lost 11 lbs.


I like many did primarily start Whole30 to lose weight., however after I read It Starts With Food,  I was more interested in seeing how I would feel after the 30 days.


I was worried about eating the fat and cutting out the grains. I had oatmeal for breakfast every day for as long as I can remember. I was questioning everything I was eating and trying to figure out calories eaten etc…

I'm a slave to the scale (or at least I was). Put it away for 30 days? Really?


I'm not going to lie, the first 3 weeks were tough. I loved that sugar cravings were gone and I can walk right by cake and not think twice about it. I loved the foods I was eating. But for me I was always tired and had no energy every day, which in turn affected my moods. I had trouble with my work outs and just getting to the gym was a struggle. I was getting worried as the magic wasn't happening.


So to these forums I went. I read pages and pages. I wanted to learn more and absorb as much as I could. What a wealth of information this place is. It helped to see that some experienced the same. I got lots of meal ideas too. I started to work at increasing my protein, carbs and healthy fat at meal 1. I finally found what worked for me.( I need to include a bit of sweet potato in the mornings). I had to stop questioning everything and trust in the process and the template and just relax about it. Let's see what happens in end. The very worst case, I had a month of eating whole delicious food.


Everything fell into place in the last week.  Now that I wasn't crashing and I was getting the hang of this, I was able to see other things happening, my energy was increasing, and I was sleeping better. I felt great, never bloated or have any stomach issues. I was feeling thinner. I knew I had lost weight as I am into all my summer clothes that I haven't been able wear in the last two years. I even like the way I look in my bikini. Clothes were a good indicator.


For the first time in a long time I can honestly say I don't care what the scale says. I love the way I look and feel. So why should I let numbers  change that. I don't want it to play with my emotions. I did step on the scale today and am down 8 lbs.


Even though I lost 11 lbs previously, I still had the sugar dragon with me. I have now slayed that dragon and know what to do if it shows its ugly head. This is probably the best thing that has come out of this is not craving sugar or bad carbs. I can't believe it!


I have no desire to re-indroduce the food groups as I want to keep feeling the way I do.


My 40th birthday is mid-July so I will do a bit of off roading then, and right back on track the next day.


The scale is now stored away. I find the scale is like my sugar addiction, the less I see it the less I crave it. I am going to go strictly on how I and my clothes feel.


Thank you to all who posts here as it helped me along the way.


 I look at this as just the beginning of my healthier happier lifestyle.


Good luck to everyone else during their journey.


P.S Funny, theres a bake sale today at the office and it's day 31 and I have no desire

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