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Day 1

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Day 1...

More than anything I wanted creamer in my coffee and truvia to sweeten it this morning. Instead of being bitter about it, I told myself that I could now appreciate the flavor of the coffee more. That was when I realized that this is going to be a different journey to a healthy life than I've done in the past. At one point in my life I weighed 350+ pounds. I've never gotten back there but I've lost and regained the last 30-35 lbs to be at a size I feel good at. I lose it but never address the psychological part of why I always gain it back. I finally feel that with the Whole 30 and reading ISWF I might just be able to kick this once and for all. I may be ambitious because it's day one, but I sure hope I don't lose my momentum. I am going to log my meals here daily. :) here's today.


3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach with 1/2 of a chicken and apple sausage

2 cups of coffee with coconut milk as creamer


Lettuce wraps with a Turkey Salad (celery, homemade mayo, some Mac nuts, salt and pepper)

Some tomato to top the wrap

Handful of cherries

Snack: (Before my one hour Kettlebell class)

One egg and half a handful of almonds


Salmon with Mango&Avocado Salsa (homemade salsa)

Green salad with balsamic & olive oil

Might have a tea after dinner but not sure. :)

Hope I did good. :)

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Good Luck Laura :)

I'm on day 8, and an ex sugar junkie. And i never dreamed i'd be able to drink my tea without sugar (i drink black tea due to lactose intolerance), and well here i am on day 8 and not craving sugar at all :)

Its great!!!!

So i'm sure you'll start to learn more about yourself as you progress through the whole3 days. Great First day!!!

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Thank you! I'm bummed right now because I can't make my Kettlebells class like I wanted, but I feel good about my food choices. :) thank you for the feedback because I love me some sugar. I can't say I'll never have cake or sweets again, but I hope this will help me control my desire and limit how much I abuse of it. :)

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Thank you Tom! I really have tried to absorb the book as much as possible and hoping to make it a lifestyle! So tired of burning myself out and then regaining all the weight I worked hard to lose. :) I love how ISWF focuses so much on the psychological, and food is part of that equation. Looking forward to a successful 30 days. :)

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