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love handles start diapppearing when egg consumption decreases


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I finished my 3rd Whole30 three weeks ago, and have maintained all the principles very well. I have no desire to add anything back on a regular basis- just occasional planned out, thought thru treats for special occasions.

I have, however, cut back on egg consumption. Not really sure why- just kind of tired of them, I guess. I continue to eat one almost every morning, but have added in more meat sources of protein and more veggies with my breakfasts.

I may be imagining it, but I feel as though my belly is a little more "poofy" in front, but coming in at the sides. Those love handles, which I can honestly say I DO NOT love in the least appear to be coming in a little. I have not changed anything else- except that I have increased the frequency of my cardio workouts slightly.

Could cutting back on eggs be having this kind of effect on my body composition in this short a time ? I just haven't noticed this change till the last week or so...

Just curious...

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That's a tough one, but I vote for continuing on the template over time.  I say this based on nothing but my hunch and knowing no reason why eggs in particular should correlate to waistline/love handles.


In any case, maybe you don't need to know why, if you can just keep on keepin' on, since it seems to be working nicely for you.  (Good job, you!)

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