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Copied and pasted from the Whole30 JUNE GROUP thread


Hello day 31 and Mr. Tape Measure!   :D


First off, let me state the reasons I went on the Whole30.  I wanted to re-institute vegetables into my diet more regularly, cut back on the cheese and chocolate snacking (which had gotten out of control), and stop the after-dinner-in-front-of-the-TV snacking.  If I could drop a bit of excess weight/inches, that would be a bonus.

I achieved all those goals and more. Vegetables at every meal, zero chocolate and zero cravings.  Snacking, when I was hungry, was only between M1 and M2 or M2 and M3.


- I like cooking again
- Shocked I never craved cheese or chocolate
- Brighter skin and less under-eye darkness
- Weirdest outcome (sorry if this is TMI): after not having a period since Aug 2011 (to which my gynecologist attributed as a normal side effect of my birth control), my period reappeared last Thursday, day 23 of my W30.

Body composition/weight:
- I've lost 4.2 inches, most in my bust-line (I may have lost more, because I didn't measure myself until 7 days in). Lost 1 5/8" at bust-line, 11/16" on my waist, 11/16" on my hips, 5/16" on my left thigh and 7/8" on my right thigh (neglected to measure my calves at the start).

- weight: I lost 5 pounds. Happy with that pace of weight loss: feel like it's a healthy safe pace.


Energy is great, although I feel like I had decent energy already going into this. That being said, I've been getting up earlier and feeling more well-rested. Only slept through the night once: I think my body needs to get up and pee once during the night.

It feels great to be eating real food more consistently again. That being said, I'm looking forward to having a nice glass of wine later today!  That will technically be my first re-intro (away for the weekend with friends), and then I plan to re-intro dairy on Monday.  I will also ultimately test non-gluten grains and legumes. Won't test gluten-grains, as I've been gluten-free for 6+ years - no need to retest or reintroduce. Given the weirdness around my period, I'm thinking soy won't make a comeback into my diet, which I can live with (means no more soy milk in my daily morning coffee. That's fine: I can live with coconut oil and ghee!). Chocolate will return, but it will be intermittent and quality: nice dark chocolate, a unique truffle, or dark chocolate covered strawberries.


Woo hoo!

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Excellent outcomes! So happy for you.


I think I'm going to come in with very similar results. I know my clothes fit better, but I don't look that different in the mirror - thus I think my weight loss has been slow and gradual as well, which feels good (especially given that I'm in my late 30s and after years of yo yo dieting, I can't expect that my metabolism is in the best shape of its life). 


I think the energy thing has been the single biggest improvement. I cannot get over how I make it to 11:30 now without dropping dead into bed, and I get up in the morning without dragging myself out of bed. I don't feel like I want do die every day around 3 p.m. and I'm not ready to kill someone in the hour before dinner. It all just sort of happens and I go along for the ride - a very even, calm ride. I'm glad for it!

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