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High LDL cholesterol - Dr advised low fat options and reduce red meat and increase processed oils

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I started whole 30 in early Jan 2013 and have remained 99% compliant since then (occassional homemade cake and icecream being the 1%!).

I started doing regular exercise with weights and light cardio in April, then realised I could do more so started Insanity training in May (something I never thought remotely possible!).

I feel like a different person since discovering the Whole30 I've lost over 20 kgs so far and am really happy with the way its going.

However, I've just had my cholesterol levels checked (for the first time in 10 yrs - last time total cholesterol was 4.1) and my LDL levels are really high.

My results were

LDL 5.2 mmol/l

HDL 1.54 mmol/l

Triglycerides 0.6 mmol/L

Total cholesterol 7

This was a 12 hours fasting blood test (sent away to the labs rather than an instant test)


My Dr recommended I change my diet to cut out red meat, increase the amount of corn, rape seed or olive oil and choose low fat varieties of food.  One of the reasons for me going whole 30 was to improve chronically high inflammation markers in my blood tests so I explained to him why I wouldnt be following his advice. We (more me than him) agreed I would stick to my plan and get re-tested in 6 months time.


Does anyone know if I should I be worried about my results?

Is there anything I could be doing and stay Whole30 friendly?

I've seen Marks Daily apple blog about how loosing weight can increase LDL - has anyone else experienced something similar?  Did it stabilise and if so how long did it take?

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You might follow your doctor's advice and it make little or no difference to your cholesterol levels.


There is a tendency for LDL to rise while you are losing weight, but that effect should end when you reach a stable weight and quit losing. I lost weight for 15 months, but your experience may vary.


Some people see big improvements in blood levels when they do a Whole30. I improved in that HDL went up and triglycerides went down, but LDL went up for me. However, I am one of those people who makes a lot of cholesterol no matter what. I had high cholesterol on a SAD diet and doing a Whole30. I even have a measurable genetic predisposition towards it - FH.


There is a lot to learn on the subject. My favorite blogger on the topic is a doctor in the UK: http://www.drbriffa.com/blog/


You might also want to look at:


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