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Whole30 Round 3: Coming back to life


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This is my third Whole30.  My first morphed into a Whole100 when I realized how well it could help me deal with the sleep deprivation that my very wakeful baby was causing.  My second Whole30 sputtered after 10 days because I just felt too deprived in so many ways (food, sleep, fun) that I just couldn't continue with it.  So I waited a while for my next one. 


I'm so very happy to say that the baby is mostly sleeping at night now.  And I've night-weaned him, which means it's my husband's problem when he isn't!  So now I'm slowly putting myself back together, and I'm making the Whole30 a part of it. 


I did a couple of things wrong last time.  First of all, I lost the weight too quickly!  It was fun while it lasted, but the weight rebounded and then some, even without eating too poorly.  I'm sure the continued sleep deprivation contributed, and I think my thyroid got tired, but this time I'm going make absolutely certain that I don't go hungry.


The other thing I did wrong was eating too many dark leafy greens!!!  Sounds ridiculous, I know.  I didn't believe it myself, to the point that I would have pains that would make me double over when I ate them.  Even though I rotated through them (kale, collard greens, spinach), I ate them almost every single day, and often raw, for over a year.  ( I love green smoothies!!!)  I just plain overdid it.  Once I stopped eating them, the two mysterious red, raw patches on my face disappeared within a few days, and haven't come back.  Very surprising.  So this time, I will only eat dark leafy greens once or twice a week, and only cooked.


This time around, I want to come at my Whole30 with an attitude of self-nurturing and mindfulness.  I want to focus on what great care I'm taking of myself and pay close attention to how food makes me feel.  I want to forget about what I'm not eating.


I had a very vivid dream the other night, where I tried to explain to my son's preschool teacher (odd, I know) that the secret genius of the Whole30 as well as of minimalism is this:


When you leave out the mediocre, you amplify the great.


So that will be my mantra for this Whole30.  This is how I will amplify the great.




Starting weight: 160 lbs

Waist at belly button: 38 inches

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