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Well, first of all I made it which is astounding to me. I was in a pretty serious binge cycle when I started. The main bonus to me is that pizza and cake and pie and candy do not tempt me anymore. It's not that I don't want them, they just no longer talk to me constantly and consume my every waking thought. I am at a point where, right now, I feel strong enough to choose to not eat them. Just to reinforce that, I plan to continue for a while and eliminate fruit too. I know I have a huge sugar problem and my main long term objective is to deal with that once and for all.

I was vegan for nearly 30 years when I started so the decision to reintroduce meat was huge. I am so glad I did. Until my late 30s, being vegan suited me well but lately I have been feeling, well, sh***y. My digestion has been screwy, I have gained weight and my energy levels have dropped. Some of that is obviously age and hormones and having a 3 year old, but I wasn't willing to settle. Using digestive enzymes has certainly eased the transition and my days of veganism are well and truly over.

My digestion is much better although I am mildly concerned that is all the Natural Calm's doing and not my body's. I eat some form of fermented food/drink daily and will be taking digestive enzymes for a while, so I may experiment with the magnesium to be sure my regularity isn't an illusion. I was obviously magnesium deficient but my previous laxative use/abuse was disturbing to me and I need to know I have not swapped one digestive crutch for another.

And the numbers? Shocking to me. I lost 17lbs, 5" from my waist, 2" from each thigh, 3" from my hips and my mummy belly is much reduced. I am simply leaner all over and generally more comfortable in my body. I am back to a comfortable size 4/6 and my entire wardrobe available to me again, not just the sweats and yoga pants that will stretch around me. I actually scaled back my work outs for the 30 days as I wanted to concentrate on healing so the most I did was a slow 3 mile run; for the most part I just did some 30 minute walks and gentle yoga.

Overall? I am extremely happy I took the leap of faith. I have turned my nutritional life upside down by eliminating most of my vegan staples and introducing meat and fat. It is startling how much better I feel for making those choices. I have no plans for reintroduction as yet, other than some heavy cream in my coffee at the weekend. At this point, even that feels overly indulgent!

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I am in awe of your results. That's truly amazing.


I also kept mostly vegan and found the transition to meat every day very difficult. I can't afford any supplements so I just went with it and let me body figure it out (which took nearly the entire 30 days), but I echo your sentiments that eating meat and fat feels so much better. My W30 finished yesterday and I'm intending to continue as well. I feel (like Malie said as well in an earlier post) like I'm not guilty after eating anymore. That alone is worth the ongoing commitment. I also feel like the cakes/pies/ice cream/chocolate don't sing to me, and I don't want to reintroduce dairy so coconut milk in my coffee suits me just fine. 


Congrats again, and thanks for sharing your outcomes!

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