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meat for 3 weeks, for 75 dollars.


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so my first try of whole30 was a big fail, after day 10 i just slipped and ate most baned things except gluten.

yes, i live in a different country, israel, and the meat prices are extremely different from the us, although if you think about grass fed(which we dont have here) you may catch a more correct guess.

im trying to find ways for me to stay in the challenge and thought buying meat in advance for 2-3 weeks would be cool.


if you had 75 dollars, what would you have bought? i have no idea what chuck meat is, so you can just write "5 lbs of stew meat/slow cooked meat".

i will do my math and see how much it should cost here in israel.

im not sure if i should add tuna and mackrels to the budget, i may just spend 120-130 dollars in bulk and swear not to eat outside in this time. yet i will still lack the vegtables.

a list like:


5 pounds slow cooked meat

4 pounds ground beef

3 pounds pork


etc would be cool.

im still trying to figure out if to include eggs in the challenge as my problem is mostly with fibromyalgia pains.

i do have acne that got much better(and now has worsened) in those 10 days btw.



*** oh btw, rumor has it that chicken meat is pretty bad here in israel.

though i do love liver and chicken breast and chicken in the oven, most paleo people here do try to avoid it, even the organic brand. so im not sure what to do here also as chicken and poultry is cheaper.

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I eat canned salmon every other day to make sure I get plenty of fish oil. I like fresh salmon, but canned is a lot cheaper and I like my salmon salad. I recommend eating canned salmon, tuna, mackerel, or sardines at least every other day, if not every day.


The most health-promoting meat is probably lamb and beef. Neither chicken or pork is as good for you, although good chicken and pork is not bad. I like ground beef or lamb because I can make so many different things with it. I also like roasts that I cook in my slow cooker for 8 hours. I can then pull chunks of slow-cooked meat off and eat it with vegetables. I recently bought 20 pounds of ground beef for $100 and $250 of roasts of several varieties. I don't know how much the roasts weighed, but my freezer is full and I am happy.

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Make the salmon cakes in It Starts With Food. Delicious! And, using canned wild salmon you get the best Omega 3 stuff there is.

I also make a salmon cake version I found on the internet that uses 2 eggs, a little minced onion, garlic powder, cumin, paprika, oregano and German mustard. Also very tasty!


I also love canned wild sardines in water. You may find that unappealing, but really they don't taste bad at all. Bonus: they are extremely portable.

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