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I am new here and am wondering if there's a July Group started yet? I actually started my Whole30 back on June 24th but went away with my mom over the weekend to celebrate her birthday and fell off the wagon. :(

So here I am starting again on July 1st and am wondering if there's anyone else starting today?

Many thanks!!!


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Just started my first Whole30 though I've eaten 80% compliant for several years now.  Enjoying some coconut oily coffee right now :-/


The big sticking points will be the No Milk/No Cheese and delivery Indian food but I'm pretty pumped about it and to see how my workout go going forward.


good luck


OHHH and just remembered no Whey Protein :(  Picked up a pretty clean Egg Protein powder, so need to see how that goes.  I know, i know... get your protein from your food but powder is very effecient PWO and getting to the ~200g/d

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