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Just starting out... June 20 was Day 1


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Really impressed with this awesome program and am trying to get the hang of incorporating the program into my life.  Most of the time it's a fun challenge.  The book did let me know that my runs the first week might be sub optimal.  And they were, maybe partly because of the heat!  They are feeling better.  Yesterday went for a short (for us) 5 mile hike and really ran out of steam.  Unusual for me.  I brought a can of sardines, protein for lunch along with some fruit and nuts, after a breakfast of 3 eggs and veggies (including part of a sweet potato).  I was never hungry and had to force myself to eat anything.  I couldn't face sardines so ate a couple of apples and a couple of handfuls of nuts.  I am older (61) and trying to stay really active. I wonder what others do on long days of exercise.  Thanks!!



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