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MY WHOLE30 RECAP JUNE 1-30, 2013


This is what my life used to be like.


History - age 52, overweight by about 40-45 pounds for the last 10+ years. Loved junk food, candy bars, fried foods, eating out a lot. Favorites were ice cream, choc chip cookies, pizza, buffalo wings. Cholesterol meds and blood-pressure meds for a number of years. Allergies. Not consistent with workouts. Lived on pre-packaged foods and restaurant food. Didn't know how to cook. Tired most of the time, needed coffee or candy around 3 pm daily. Ate some foods compulsively.


Describe the factors that led you to want to undertake a lifestyle change like the Whole30.


Weight loss, diets and the scale have been my focus for so many years. My desire to do a Whole30 was based no longer on weight loss, per se, but on the overall improvement of health for the long-term. I would like to get as healthy as possible and get off of blood pressure and cholesterol medications, reduce or eliminate seasonal allergies, reduce my chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis (which runs in my family- mom, sister and brother all have it), experience a kinder, gentler menopause, pay it forward and help others get healthy and of course get to and maintain a healthy weight...increased vitality, more consistent energy throughout the day, more flexibility, fewer aches and pains, strong immune system, achieve regular exercise and movement and remain active well into my senior years.


This is how I found the Whole30.


By chance, technically, but I believe things happen for a reason...I was searching through iBooks and It Starts With Food came up...first...funny to say...my favorite colors (purple and green). I purchased and downloaded the iBook right away and it really made sense to me...I had not previously explored a Paleo lifestyle or even ever attempted to eliminate sugar, flour or gluten...many of my friends don't eat sugar, flour or gluten.


After reading ISWF, I easily made the decision and commitment to do a Whole30 June 1-30, and I started telling family, friends and coworkers...and cleaning out my cupboards and refrigerator. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily and downloaded the Whole30 Success Guide. I also went to the Whole30 forums and started reading and posting to prep myself...and started a Whole30 JUNE GROUP so several of us could do this together and I could receive and offer support. The rest is history.


During my Whole30 experience…


I knew doing the whole 30 would NOT be easy. The first couple of weeks I was tired and the first couple of days I had headaches.


I barely worked out during my Whole30...maybe 3 or 4 times in 30 days? I wish it had been more, especially since weigh loss IS one of my goals...though no longer my primary goal.


I had a couple of nights when I had foot cramping...not fun. First couple of days transitioning to 3 meals no snacks...I was HUNGRY....but then a day or two after, I was actually tired of eating and didn't have much of an appetite. At about Day 7, food dream.....dreamt I ate candy bars from vending machine at work, messed up my Whole30 and had to start over at Day 1…thank goodness it was a dream!


Also started getting really hot, temperature-wise...hoping that the switch from sugar burning to fat burning was occurring. Even energy during the day...no 3 pm slump. Allergies disappeared. In a great mood...very happy and less stressed.


COMPLETELY AMAZED NO CRAVINGS...NONE! Even as family and friends had desserts or garlic bread sticks...nothing "called" to me...except maybe those darned pistachios or dried mango from Trader Joe's. I was also introduced to kombucha drinks...LOVE the Gingerade and the Mystic Mango.


Ate out fairly often. Wasn't easy, but IS doable. Went to the same restaurant and ordered the same thing-flat iron steak dry grilled- no sauce, oil or marinade, steamed veggies and salad... I brought my own extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Events during this period included a barbecue and chili cook off at work, my husband's birthday, a graduation dinner, and my sister-in-law's birthday.


I'm finally learning to cook!


The first third of the program I stuck to 3 meals no snacks...but then snacks (Whole30 compliant, but still snacks) crept into my eating plan. I was eating fruit or pistachios too often.


My arms broke out early In the program at about Day 6. Not sure if that was a reaction to sunscreen or if it was toxins getting out of my body. Midway through the program, woke up with a couple of pimples on my face. No idea why. Don't usually have acne.


Final week I noticed my jeans fit a little better… though I don't "feel" like I lost weight…thought maybe I gained weight from all that eating…or stretched out my stretch jeans to the max (: LOL. Also starting to get compliments from folks saying that I look great -my hair, my skin, my energy level.


Now that I've finished my Whole30…


Lost 9 lbs and 12 inches. Amazed!  Guess the fat-burning DID kick in. Yay.  Still have to take my “after†picture. Feel amazing. Can't believe I ate "clean" for 30 days and stayed off the scale for 30 days!




*ISWF, reading and prepping before starting June 1 Whole30

*Letting family, friends, coworkers know about my commitment to do a Whole30 June 1-30

*Making my own Paleo mayo

*Finally learning to cook...trying a few ISWF, Well Fed and Ancestral Chef recipes

*Joining an organic CSA

*Cleaning non-compliant items out of my cupboards and refrigerator

*Organizing kitchen and cooking utensils and tools

*Posting daily in the forum

*Subscribing to, reading and completing most of the suggested assignments from the Whole30 Daily e-newsletter

*Following suggestion to put a list on my refrigerator with available food by food group, shopping list for items running out of, and 3 quick meals for times when too tired to do any major cooking

*Cooking/planning on weekends and storing in containers in refrigerator and freezer to make it easier during the work week

*Taking it easy on the workouts...focusing more on the major changes in how I choose my food and prepare my meals

*Not getting on the scale (this one is HUGE for me since I have weighed myself daily for pretty much 14 years)

*Not taking measurements

*Not weighing or measuring food or counting calories or logging specific amounts of food...focusing on learning hunger/satisfaction signals and using Whole30 meal template and portion guidelines

*Shared what I'm doing (the Whole30) with anyone who would listen!




* Exercise more

* Not eat as much fruit and/or pistachios

* No snacking...just the three meals


Okay so what feels great?


*AMAZED that I lost weight and inches, despite few workouts and eating regular meals (and sometimes snacks)…but all healthy, compliant, whole foods

*Have good, even energy

*Allergies gone…no need for zyrtek or clariton!

*Sleeping well


*Skin, hair, nails are brighter and shinier and stronger

*Increased sense of well being and health

*Happier and less stressed




I'm now starting the reintroduction phase of the Whole30 program…and will reintroduce “some†foods…trying out half and half, greek yogurt and cheese for dairy. Most likely quinoa, brown rice and corn tortillas or corn pasta for grains. NOT reintroducing gluten. Might reintroduce legumes…hummus.  Alcohol rarely.  Sugar rarely. NOT reintroducing sodas.  NOT reintroducing artificial sweeteners (i.e. splenda) or items containing artificial sweeteners. 


Basically, going to stay with the Whole30/Paleo lifestyle and just occasionally have something off-plan…when and if I decide to, but it would be a conscious choice/decision…I feel too good to go back now! I'll also continue to learn to cook!



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