First W30 complete! Now carrying it to 60, 90, beyond


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Two years ago my wife and I started a Primal diet, still too much cheese and dairy in general, and I lost 100lbs in about 5 months.  In the past 18 months, I stopped eating Primal/Paleo and gained 40 of it back. So I started my W30 this time weighing in at 330lbs and heading back to being stronger faster, and harder to kill that I was when I weighed nearly 390lbs!


So my wife and I completed our first W30 last night and we both feel great.  I tossed my scale in the trash on day 5 so I have no idea how much weight I lost, however I know it was significant.  


I have a lot more energy now, am far more active, and my clothes are starting to get more loose.  We are eating better than we ever have and we no longer snack at night on the couch watching TV.  Overall the W30 was crucial in getting my wife and I back on the same page philosophically regarding diet, food, and exercise.  


We both agreed to carry out our W30 to 60 days now and we are taking it all 30 days at a time.  I fully intend to continue with a W365, or as long as it takes to get back to my old "hockey playing weight and fitness level" haha.  Rather than looking so far into the future though, we are taking it 30 days at a time.

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Great work Pensfan! Loved reading about the bond it has built between your wife and you re: diet, food and exercise. My partner has been on the paleo autoimmune protocol for nearly 3.5 years now and while our children and  I have been mostly paleo along with him I think it has taken the commitment to me doing the Whole 30 to really understand on a much deeper level what he is going through. Well done to you both though-very inspiring (for me only just about to start day 3 tomorrow!)  :)

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