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Whole life.....


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Another attempt at whole 30 ..this time for a clean reset in marriage! No newlywed pounds allowed..

Today was:

an omelette with onions and peppers

Chicken and cauliflower

An apple a banana and almonds during the day

Chicken squash and spinach salad for dinner

Popcorn and tea!

Popcorn is probably not whole 30 but clean other than that :)

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Day 2 almost..success!!! 


Breakfast: Onion and Pepper Omelette, Sweet potatoes

Lunch: Rosemary chicken sweet potatoes and squash

Dinner: Spaghetti with ground beef tomato sauce

            Banana with peanut butter...ooops

Boot Camp!


Day 3 REAL success

Breakfast: Ground turkey and applesauce

Lunch: Spaghetti with ground beef tomato sauce


Pre workout snack: ground turkey and squash

Boot Camp round two!

Dinner: Carrots, Squash and Chicken



Goal for today: make a veggie I can eat for breakfast tomorrow!

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Hi there-


Just popping by - wanted to give you some feedback to get started on the right foot.

It looks like your day 3 is really your day 1, and day 1 and 2 were a warm-up.  :)


You're right, popcorn is not Whole30 compliant, because it's corn and corn is not allowed.


And peanut butter is not Whole30 compliant, because peanuts are legumes and legumes are not allowed.


Do you have a copy of the meal template? http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf  You want to be sure every meal follows this template.  Your meal 1 on day 3 was missing vegetables: be sure to get at least 1-2 cups of veggies  per meal.  I assume your meal 2 spaghetti was spaghetti squash?


For snacks, make them a mini-meal, including at least a protein and fat.  When you have fruit, include it as part of or immediately after a meal, and don't let fruit push vegetables off your plate.

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To follow-up with GFChris, make sure you are getting in your healthy fats with EACH meal - this will ensure that you feel satisfied and are able to make it to the next meal without snacking. I know that has helped me a lot; I can tell when I didn't get my healthy fats or didn't get enough in.


Congrats on your marriage and actively taking the lead in fighting off the infamous newlywed weight! (been there done that, haha). :)

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Day 4!

Feeling very successful after going to a party last night with tooons of sugar of many varieties and only eating carrots!


Breakfast: Carrots and ground turkey, coffee

Lunch: Spaghetti squash and meat sauce apple

Pre workout: banana almonds

Dinner: Chicken, Spinach, carrots


Abs and arms at the gym, my legs are dying from bootcamp!


Goal for tomorrow: cook more veggies!! almost out!

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Bad weekend... however I'm back on board now.

Breakfast: eggplant and turkey

Lunch: salad with chicken

Dinner: spaghetti squash and meat sauce

Are you including fat with your meals too?

I also noticed that in a previous post you had a banana and almonds as a preWO meal - try to switch this for protein and fat. Starchy carbs should be saved for your postWO meal - this meal should be lean protein and starchy vegie carbs with little to no fat.

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