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Day 3 and Doing great

NH Girl

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Day 3 for me today.  I feel a little foggy and light headed this morning, but I am still so motivated.  Have my dinner cooking in the crockpot already based on a Whole30 approved recipe on Nom nom.  Korean beef.  Sounds very good, hope it comes out.  I couldn't find the Red Bone Fish sauce so will have to order that on line or drive to Massachusetts to get it. 


Forgot to take my measurements on Day 0, so did that today.

Waist 30

Hips 39 3/4

Buttocks at biggest area 39 1/4

Thigh 24

Calf 14.5

Upper arm 10 3/4

Stomach at biggest area 37.5

Weight 124.8 which I took on Day 1 of Whole30. 



Shocking to see these, but good to see the truth.  I usually weigh every day, but am following Whole30 closely so I will NOT get on the scale till the day after Day 30.


Have been having 3 eggs for BF with spinach, or kale or both, green pepper, zucchini, scallions.  Delicious!

Had a apple this a.m. after the eggs. 


Hoping to get my hubby on this as I believe in it and think it would help him greatly.  He visits various fast food places weekly, usually a couple times. 

But for now have to focus on myself.

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I'm afraid to take my measurements! Did my first whole30 last July and lost 25 pounds. I've put 10 pounds back on since then....We have definitely eaten better in the last year than ever before in our lives and I tried to continue to cook paleo/whole30 melas for most meals, but we've gone off the deep end the last few months and need to reset. Cleaned out the fridge, liquor cabinet and pantry and are starting fresh today. Again.

I was up in Burlington, VT visiting family over the weekend and went to a gourmet shop that sells infused olive oils, balsamic vinegars and sea salts. Yum. I bought a habanero sea salt and sprinkled a little bit on my scrambled eggs with mixed greens this morning. Perfect. Thinking it might be tasty on some baked sweet potato fries...

I'm here in NH too...pretty darn sick of all this rain and humidity! Hoping it breaks soon and we get some nice sunny days!

Good luck!

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Hi Colleen Roy.  At least you are catching yourself before you gained back any more.  I have lost/gained weight SO many times.  Diets DON'T work for me and I am excited about this because I can see it is a lifestyle.  I was doing "The Plan" since February but it is in someways more restrictive, so I am very much enjoying eating a nice variety of proteins, veggies and fats.  I pretty much eliminated grains and legumes from my diet for the the last 5 months, but had been having an ounce or an ounce and a half of dark chocolate pretty much every day and some other things with sugar that masquerade as healthy.  That of course, has stopped.  I know I have been addicted to sugar in the past for a very long time, probably most of my life.  The cravings for sugar and carbs were what drove me last winter to do something.  I am SO glad I found this.


I have some great Olive oils that I got in Utah and some balsamic vinegars and no sulfites in the vinegars.  I especially like Black Truffle olive oil - its awesome.  I actually stopped using the balsamics on "The Plan" but may start using them again.  I have two trays full of assorted veggies roasting in the oven and a recipie from Nom Nom in the crockpot. 


Yes, enough rain!  I need/want some sun.  It is SO helpful for your mood and attitude.  We have an awful lot of cloudy/non-sunny days in NH.  Have a great 4th.

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Day 4. Had a lot of body aches yesterday and felt tired, but got through it.  No cheats or slips and I WON'T have any.  Using the ISWF book to guide my meals.  The Food Map is great and very easy.  Made some roasted veggies, VERY yummy, and have extras that I can eat today.  I am trying to cook extra food so I have something already prepared for lunch or dinner in case mealtime sneaks up on me and I am really hungry. 


Planning a trip to Whole Foods in Massachusetts on Friday to stock up.  There are none in NH.  I am loving this journey and know I will successfully complete the Whole30!


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Day 10 and still doing great.  ALMOST messed up with some Almond butter that had sugar in it.  I put it in my mouth, thought it tastes sweet and spit it out, all of it.  Whew!  I must say I "feel" fatter and my stomach is fatter, which is not what is supposed to be happening.  BUT, I have not gotten on the scale, even though I have been tempted.  I am determined to see this through the whole 30 days and see what happens.  I will not be pleased if I gain weight, as I worked very hard since February to lose about 9pounds.  So, continuing on.  I really like the food and the variety. 

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