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My first Whole30 7/5/2012-8/3/2012

Meg Hamilton

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So it's Day 6 and now is a good time to start logging my food & experience with my first Whole30!! Back in May 2010, a friend and I went to a nutrition seminar in Durham, NC put on by Melissa & Dallas. I was *very* excited about the program, but was concerned about getting grass-fed meats. I lived in Fayetteville at the time and the closest Whole Foods/Trader Joe's was about 2hr away. :( I did the best I could and ate pretty well, but didn't start the Whole30 b/c I had a trip to Puerto Rico planned and wanted to be able to eat & drink whatever I wanted. Okay, I guess make that drink as much as I wanted. :P

Fast forward a few months, I met my current husband and a few months later I got pregnant with Lizzie. We were eating Primally back then and I think that's how I got pregnant so easily. I got back on the grain-wagon while I was pregnant simply because I couldn't stomach anything else besides mashed potatoes, ramen noodles & pasta with red sauce.

I moved over to Coastal NC and there are even LESS choices for grass-fed/organic foods in my area. I had Lizzie in May 2011, started eating healthy foods again, cut out the grains and lost a few pounds. I started working out again (been doing Crossfit since 2009) and BAM!!! Pregnant again. I did a lot better food-wise with my second pregnancy, I had much less morning sickness and did well without grains. But I never passed up cookies or ice cream. Izaiah was due May 18, 2012 but at my 39 week appointment on May 11, the doctors couldn't find his heartbeat on the NST nor on the ultrasound. I had him May 12 and the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck. We were just devastated. My husband has been very supportive, but he's angry, hell, both of us are angry.

I'm back to work and was cleared for working out back in June. I stopped dilly-dallying and started Paleo (including diet cokes and splenda in coffee) mid-June. I also started WOD-ing again. I have lost so much strength from back-to-back pregnancies and I'm trying to get that back. I have always been "thick" and have 25lb to my pre-pregnancy weight back in 2010. I've lost 30lb since May, but 8.5lb of that was Izaiah. :(

I ordered ISWF and started reading it and just kinda slipped into my Whole30. As I read it, I would become increasingly strict in my food choices while grocery shopping. AND a new Whole Foods opened in the city 45 minutes away!!! I am so happy I can get grass-fed meat if I don't make it to the farmer's market on Saturday.

That's my basic story, I'll post my food and my WODs everyday (or whenever I remember).

Day 6 WOD

4 rds

step-ups 2min

30 air squats

25 games pushups

20 reverse situps

Day 6 Food

Pre-WOD: hb egg

Post-WOD: slice of roast beef (Applegate, no sugar, no carrageenan, just beef, water, spices)

B: 2 eggs, leftover chicken, onions, handful of mushrooms, large handful of spinach. cooked in 1 T coconut oil (nutiva unrefined)

S: iced coffee with 1/4 can coconut milk

L: spinach salad with 1hb egg, chicken, carrots, tomato, zucchini, green onion. ISWF ranch dressing

D: london broil & veggies cooked in olive oil--either asparagus or brussel sprouts (the old man is cooking)

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DAY 7...doing great food-wise but I had a headache yesterday afternoon. Could've been from the heat, a coworker and I walked around the block at lunchtime. It's one mile exactly. :) It was pretty hot, but there was a breeze so we did it anyway. It has been so hot lately, we haven't walked at lunch and I wanted to get back into it.

B: leftover london broil (fistful of cut up beef) scramble, 2 eggs, zucchini, onion, mushrooms & spinach and about 1 T coconut oil

S: coconut milk & iced coffee

L: cabbage & ground beef--with other veggies mixed in: carrots, onion, zucchini, tomato

Pre-/Post-WOD snack: hb egg & 1/3 chicken breast

D: chicken & veggies--not sure yet

DAY 7 WOD doing this afternoon (I get off work at 2pm!)

Tabata DB DL, DB Cleans, DB Push-Press and Row :D

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**edit to add goals**

I'm 5'2" and was 230-ish lb on May 11. The last time I weighed myself was July 5 and I was 200.1lb. I'm going to weigh myself again on August 5--some friends on FB are doing a "no-weigh challenge" and it is conveniently during my Whole30! :)

My short term goals are to be able to do vigorous WODs again, lifting heavy like I used to 2 years ago. Now that I write that out, it seems like that should be a long term goal. I shouldn't expect myself to do something in a few weeks/months that I did two whole years ago.

Okay, so short term! Sleep better, keep active and get more organized. Also try not to be 'plugged in' to something when I'm off work. We usually have the tv on, Lizzie playing with a noise-making toy, both of us are on our i-phones, husband on his laptop, me reading on the kindle. We got a new pool in the back and it has been fun playing out there with Lizzie, we could do this more often in the evenings.

Long term goals--start racing again. I'm a very slow runner, but races are so much fun! I've done 3 half-marathons and 1 full marathon. I'd be happy doing 10k's again. **I'd really love to be able to fit into my clothes from 2008** I was training for my marathon and have a bunch of cute size 10-12 clothes in the closet. So lifting heavy along with running should help me get back into shape!!

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Feeling good, my WOD was super hard yesterday afternoon & I powered through it. :D We ate dinner kind of late (for us) finished up around 7:30pm. I was going to make some tea before bed, but I figured I wouldn't mess with it and just go to sleep. Got up early (5am) b/c of Lizzie and taking a rest day, but walking at lunchtime with the girls at work.


B: 2 eggs with chicken, onion, mushroom, spinach & tomato scramble--cooked with coconut oil

S: coconut milk & iced coffee

L: leftover balsamic chicken & roast brussel sprouts--both were cooked with olive oil

D: eye of round roast & veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & carrots)

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Feeling more sore this morning than yesterday :mellow: And tired. I couldn't get to sleep until close to 11pm last night, but that's probably from watching the CF games updates on the computer, then Burn Notice. I may WOD after work today, we'll see.


B: ground beef "hash" with onions, mushrooms, zucchini & green pepper, 2 eggs on top--cooked with total around 2 T coconut oil, green tea

S: iced coffee & coconut milk

L: salad with spring mix, spinach, carrots, zucchini, tomato, onion, olives, 2 hb eggs, handful of chicken, 1/2 avocado. olive oil & lemon juice for dressing

D: tilapia & shrimp...not sure the veggie, Zab is cooking :)

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Day 10 Saturday

B: ground beef scramble. 2 eggs, onion, green pepper, 1/4 c beef, fresh parsley

L: salad with hb eggs and chicken, ISWF ranch dressing 2T

D: citrus carnitas from Well Fed and kale chips

Day 11 Sunday

Pre-/Post-WOD: hb egg / Applegate roast beef and 1/2 baby food organic sweet potatoes

B: Citrus carnitas hash--2 eggs with green pepper, onions & zucchini with 1/2 c carnitas.

L/D: london broil & broccoli, cauliflower & carrots

Yesterday went well for being at home, we ran errands in the morning and I was busy cooking all afternoon. I made a pot of chili, carnitas & kale chips. Today I pushed Lizzie in the stroller for 3.5 mi and then we took a nap after breakfast. :)

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Day 12!! I can't believe I've come this far and I thought it would be so hard!! But then again, we really don't eat out much and don't have many friends around here that we "socialize" (drink) with. I guess since I've been pregnant for so long, I've been doing other things to entertain myself than to go out partying!! :P

Day 12 food

B: London broil egg scramble with tomato, green pepper & onion, fresh parsley--cooked in 1T coconut oil, green tea

S: iced coffee & coconut milk

L: carnitas & broccoli/cauliflower

D: big ass salad with chicken & hb eggs with ISWF ranch dressing :wub: I love that stuff!!!!

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Day 13 food:

B: chili, 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, green tea

S: iced coffee & coconut milk

L: salmon, small piece of leftover london broil, broccoli & olive oil

D: chicken & cabbage (plus other veggies--onion, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms)

I did a small WOD this morning before breakfast of squats, pushups, overhead press. I'm supposed to walk at lunch break with my coworker, hopefully it's not too hot!

***the walk never happened, coworker forgot her shoes & I went to the mall***

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Day 14 food:

B: 2 eggs, sweet potato hash browns, 1/2 avocado, green tea

L: chicken & cabbage

D: steak & veggies at a restaurant

Well I made a mistake yesterday and didn't eat any extra food around my WODs. I did another last night after work, but right before dinner. AMRAP 12min of pvc OH squats, games pushups & reverse sit-ups. I didn't add any extra carbs to my dinner either and I'm feeling extra tired today. So I added some sweet potatoes to my breakfast! Too bad I didn't have any meat this morning. All my chili is in the freezer, so I'll take it out tonight. OR we are going to Whole Foods tonight, so I am planning on getting some more grass fed meats, I could just leave some out for tomorrow's breakfast. :)

Otherwise, I'm doing good, helping out a couple of friends who have read ISWF and wanting to get started with their Whole30. :)

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Day 15!!! I'm halfway through the program!!!! We went out to Longhorn Steakhouse last night and the waitress was VERY compliant with our needs!! She said they brush the steaks & veggies with some kind of butter-garlic sauce. I asked for a gluten free menu and that's when she told us about everything "extra" they put on the food. So I got a salad with no croutons or cheese, olive oil & vinegar for dressing. A new york strip steak and veggies (zucchini, squash, broccoli, carrots) and everything was delicious!!! Lizzie ate little chunks of our steaks and we got her a little side of veggies. That girl loves broccoli, carrots & zucchini!!! :D We gave the waitress over 20% tip, I'm just so happy we could eat out somewhere, be compliant, NOT FEEL DEPRIVED and we didn't over-eat!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: We went to Whole Foods, couldn't find any coconut aminos, but got more grassfed meats, tea, veggies, coconut oil & milk. I found a jar organic unrefined coconut oil for SIX BUCKS!!!!! woo!! Also found some andouille sausage from Wellshire, the ingredients: pork, water, spices, sea salt, paprika, garlic, onion. I had one for breakfast today & it was so delicious!!!

Today's food:

B: 2 eggs, andouille sausage, veggies (spinach, onion, zucchini, green pepper)

S: iced coffee & coconut milk

L: leftover cabbage & chicken

D: ancho beef short ribs--from PaleOMG & a salad

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Thanks Derval :)

I WOD'ed last night after work. I just felt drained & couldn't get my body to move faster. I did eat a hard-boiled egg 15-20min beforehand. But on Tuesday & Thursday, I work until 6pm so I guess I need to pack an extra snack on those days so I don't get so drained.

Day 16 Food:

B: andouille sausage & veggies cooked in coconut oil (onion, yellow squash, carrots, sweet potato & spinach), iced green tea

L: leftover beef ribs & the same veggie mix as breakfast

D: thai pork curry with cauliflower rice

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DAY 17!!!! I'm so happy that I'm almost finished, not because I want a treat, but to show myself that I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! I didn't end up making dinner last night, both of us ate our lunches late and then weren't hungry for dinner. I'm going to make the curry tonight with Melissa Joulwan's Sri Lankan curry sauce

B: eggs & veggies, chicken sausage

L: spinach salad with andouille sausage, hb egg & ranch

D: pork Thai curry & cauliflower rice

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Today was another good day!

B: 2 eggs & chicken sausage

2.5 mile walk

L: lettuce wrapped chicken sandwich with guacamole & broccoli

S: kale chips

D: "best chicken ever" from Well Fed, creamy cucumbers also from Well Fed and sweet potato salad (with 2 hb eggs added to the whole bowl) http://www.foodnetwo...cipe/index.html

*** damn I cannot believe I ate chicken at all three meals!!!!! That will be different tomorrow!

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This morning I was doing my WOD and pulled my hamstring during some snatches :(:angry: It hurts to squat, bend over and it hurts to get into a chair! I've never pulled a hammy before and am so upset with myself! I guess I'll just take it easy the next few days. :( :(

B: eggs, veggies--onion, zucchini, mushrooms & spinach, andouille sausage--cooked with 1T coconut oil

L: pork curry & cauliflower rice

S: kale chips

D: meatballs in a spaghetti squash nest with marinara

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Well dinner last night was scrapped because my husband had to work late. So I just had leftovers from Sunday--grilled chicken breast, sweet potato salad & cucumber salad.

Day 20 food:

B: eggs, veggies, chicken sausage--cooked in coconut oil. Green tea

L: spinach salad with veggies, 2 hb eggs, chicken & creamy balsamic dressing

D: spaghetti squash nests with meatballs & marinara

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My hamstring is feeling a lot better! I'm going to re-do the snatch WOD that messed it up the other day. I"m off work early today, so I need to get my oil changed, get a pedicure, do my WOD and then make dinner!! I am seriously thinking about going ahead for another 30 days after this one is up. On August 5, we are planning on having a treat--red velvet cheesecake. But other than that, I really don't WANT anything. I am not missing dairy, not missing grains, not missing alcohol. So I really don't think I will do the reintroduction portion. It is not necessary after all. But I do miss thick-cut bacon. Perhaps I will have a nice crispy piece of bacon on the 4th, since my 30 days ends on the 3rd. Then on the 5th, we will have our treat! :D

B: eggs & veggies--onion, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach--cooked in coconut oil. I am perterbed that I don't have any meat ready for breakfast! So I had three eggs instead of my normal two. iced green tea

L: L is for leftovers!! meatballs, sweet potato salad, creamy cucumbers

D: rabbit-veggie skewers on the grill! Seasoned with mustard, rosemary & sage

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DAY 22!!! I cannot believe I have come this far with no cheats or slips!! I did have dream last night that I was looking at the bakery case in the grocery store. And *somehow* some frosting got on my finger, so I licked it off. I REALLY TASTED THE FROSTING IN MY SLEEP!! I was so mad at myself for messing up my whole30!!! Then I woke up. :P I had a dream about crusty bread early on, slathered in some kind of homemade mayo dip. But I haven't had any strange dreams since then.

B: grassfed steak strips, 2 eggs, veggies (onion, mushroom, yellow squash, zucchini, spinach) cooked in coconut oil, iced green tea

L: grilled tilapia with mango-pineapple salsa, spinach salad with tomato, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, green onion, hb egg & creamy balsamic dressing

D: grilled chicken with okra & cabbage? Need to get some older veggies cleaned out of the fridge. May make sunshine sauce from Well Fed. Either that or the stir fry sauce.

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Today my 15mo old is sick, so I'm staying home with her...HELLO THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!!!! I'm using today for cleaning & laundry, making a big grocery list so I can spend tonight cooking. Tomorrow I will be able to finally get a pedicure :lol: I need to make a big grocery list so I can make a big pot of marinara sauce sometime this weekend.

B: 2 eggs, ground beef & spinach "hash"--cooked in coconut oil, iced tea

L: chicken & cabbage/okra (leftovers)

D: grilled steaks & salad?

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Thanks Nina :) We've been running the humidifier at night for her & I think she's turning the corner. She still acts happy, which is great! But is clingy most of the time.

So I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I did tons of errands & work. On Saturday, I made marinara sauce to simmer, went to the post office, farmer's market, pedi/mani, grocery store, made lunch, did laundry, made meatballs & did my WOD!!

Today we just finished our 5 mile walk, this is the furthest that I've walked/ran in a long time! Since 2010, before I was pregnant with Lizzie! I ordered Penzey's Italian sausage seasoning & mixed it with chicken. Well I had everything plated up and THEN looked at the ingredients. Which I *swore* they didn't have sugar in them when I looked online before ordering!!!! So I get no meat with my breakfast this morning. :angry:

Saturday Food

B: steak, eggs, veggies

L: salad with hb eggs & shrimp, avocado & ISWF/Well Fed ranch dressing

D: salmon & veggies--zucchini, squash, mushrooms, onions

Saturday WOD was 4 RFT of 250m row, 10 db snatch 15#, 10 db bent over row 15#, 10 goblet squat 25# and 10 situps.

Sunday Food:

Pre-/Post-WOD: hb egg, 1/2 meatball & baby-food sweet potatoes

5 mile walk

B: 2 eggs & veggies

L: salad with paleo chili

D: "spaghetti" and meatballs. Using my veggie spiralizer to make zucchini & yellow squash noodles :

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