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My First Whole30 - Log


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My husband and I have started our first Whole30. Technically yesterday was supposed to be our start date, but a drug rep brought cupcakes into the office after lunch and I succumbed to the pressure. I felt REALLY guilty and didn't want to tell the hubs what I did, but when I got home from work I found him eating a pint of Blue Bell ice cream that was in the freezer, so I confessed and we felt guilty together. We started over today...


Day 1


B: hard-boiled egg and 1/2 cup roasted sweet potato, coffee


L: 2 salmon cakes w/ homemade tartar sauce, 1/2 cup roasted sweet potato, 1 hard-boiled egg, handful black grapes


One thing I really need to work on is adding more vegetables. I washed and chopped a ton of swiss chard last night, so that will be on the menu for dinner tonight.


Dinner will be: chicken breast, swiss chard + some other veg.


I just took my usual CLA supplement, but now I'm wondering if I should even be taking it. We haven't been eating a ton of beef lately so......thoughts? Can it hurt?


*update: ate a mini cashew cookie larabar pre-workout because I was starving. Dinner was just chicken breast and swiss chard sauteed with bacon and onion.


**updated update: I was making deviled eggs to eat for lunch tomorrow and I ate 2.

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I decided to post my "before" weight and measurements. Hopefully this will help me stay on track and hold myself accountable!


Starting weight: 208.6 lbs

Bust 40"

Waist 36"

Hips 46"

Arms 13.5"

Thighs 28"

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Yesterday I felt pretty good overall...the afternoon was a little rough and I felt drained, but at about 4:30 I caught my second wind---worked out legs and abs, then came home and cooked for practically the entire night.
Didn't get a whole lot of sleep (for the 4th night in a row). Combination of a cough caused by post-nasal drip and I also woke up 3 times with a charlie horse in my calf. Ugh! I drank 16oz coconut water last night post work-out, so I'm not sure why the leg cramps?!?

Today's plan:

B: 2 halves deviled egg, 2 slices bacon, leftover chicken and swiss chard

L: avocado sonoma chicken salad with lettuce cups--found the recipe yesterday and it looked good

D: undecided. probably something ground-beefy. and I have some kale I need to cook.

no workout today, but I would like to make time for a 30 minute walk.


*update: a coworker treated everyone to Starbucks, so I had a plain iced coffee. Dinner was taco salad with guac as the dressing.

I made Johnny's homestyle meatloaf for us to eat over the next few days. Tomorrow is the 4th, but I'm working. Its a good thing I wont be tempted by beer and bbq.

Side note: Havent had a cigarette in 6 days--go me!!!

Bought the Natural Calm magnesium supplement today. Hoping it will help me sleep.

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Today is Day 3!!


Overslept this morning so I missed breakfast. Also missed my workout class...grrr.


L: meatloaf and swiss chard, handful grapes. coffee x2


D: more meatloaf and cauliflower mash. couple chunks pineapple and iced tea.


Making some kale chips as I type. Hope they're yummy.


Its a good thing I love to be in the kitchen, because practically every evening has been spent in there prepping meals. Even at work during the day, I feel like all I can think about is food. Sunday I am going to do a big "cook up" and hopefully that will free up some time and keep me from obsessing about food :)


*update: had my first strong sweet craving tonight. I ate a coconut cream pie lara bar and that helped a little. I know, I know...my brain doesn't know the difference between that and a candy bar, but it kept me from going on a binge.

snacked on some deviled eggs--maybe 2 1/2 whole eggs total

I thought the kale chips were just ok. Hubby said it was like eating plastic??? They were crisp at first, but after you chewed, they did kinda hang around in the mouth awhile before you could swallow them.

also, mint tea is helping me in the evening. it's kinda telling my body, "ok, no more food. settle down and get ready for bed."


Tomorrow is Friday!! And Day 4!!

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Day 4

Overslept AGAIN. I have to get it together! I have a month-long summer class starting next week, and I have to be there at 8am !sharp! every day.

B: coffee x2, 2 deviled egg halves. a coworker brought breakfast tacos, so I emptied the bacon and eggs out of one and just ate that.

once again I'm obsessing about food when I should be working. Just spent 30 minutes writing meal suggestions for next week.

L: meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, pineapple chunks

Was starving when I got home from work. Ate half a deviled egg and a banana, almond butter, coconut milk smoothie. Took a nap.

D: guac and red bell pepper strips, a little leftover taco meat, and a hardboiled egg.

We went to a movie so I took some homemade trail mix.

Today was rough. I overdid it with the smoothie and trail mix.

Tomorrow is a bbq. I have a plan to make sure we stay on track!

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Congratulations on not smoking!  Quitting is a wonderful side effect of the W30, keep it up.


You will find that a cook-up helps quite a bit for meal prep but there is an awful lot of kitchen time.  I enjoy the kitchen as well so not a problem.  It is nice however, to have a bunch of meat and veg pre-prepped on the nights that i just can't wanna!


You do need to let your body have a lot of rest at the beginning, it's healing itself which is a big job.  If you need to be up in the AM perhaps you can try to go to bed earlier in the evening?  I wouldn't worry though if you are feeling like sleeping a lot, totally normal.

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Oh man...battling sugar demons full-force this afternoon. I. want. cake.


Don't give in to feeding it with larabars or fruit. This will actually make it worse. You need to starve the sugar dragon! 


I personally don't struggle with sugar but I've seen lots of people suggest cutting fruit out and upping veggies while taming/killing their dragons. Perhaps just 1 serving of fruit a day with a meal and adding a 2nd vegetable to each meal will help. 


Stay strong! You can do this!

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Day 5


We caught a late movie last night and didn't get to bed til about 3am. I slept til 10:30am. It was glorious! I love the weekends when I can sleep til I wake up on my own vs. a pesky alarm clock. 7.5 hours is perfect for me, but I usually only get 5 to 6. I'm working on time management to improve that.


B: coffee blended with coconut oil. 1 hardboiled egg and kale braised with bacon, onion and chicken broth (I really like this, and kale is way cheaper than swiss chard!).


Will have a small meal in a few hours, and then dinner will be BBQ at my parents' house around 7pm. The only thing on the menu we can eat is brisket, maybe their homemade venison sausage, so I'm going to pack some guac and red bell pepper, and a couple other things.


It's going to be hard for my hubby to be in a social situation and not drink beer. He isn't doing this at all as strict as I am---he has been drinking tequila when he's out with friends, his beef jerky of choice has sugar in it, and I saw an empty bottle of cranberry juice cocktail in his truck the other day---nonetheless, I'm super proud of him because he is making way healthier food choices(well, he just eats whatever I make for him!), smoking less, and using moderation with alcohol. Maybe the next time we do this, he'll strictly stick to it. Right now he thinks I'm just doing another crazy fad diet and he's following along because I asked him to. He hasn't read ISWF or anything paleo at all, and isn't as interested in all the science as I am, but I bet when he sees some results he'll want to learn more.


Thinking ahead to next weekend--we're hosting a fish fry for some family members who are coming from out of town. I'm thinking about making us some avocado shrimp cocktail but we sure will miss the tortilla chips. Also considering doing some baked/grilled fish for just us----If anyone has any good redfish recipes, please shoot them my way!!


*update: 7pm snacked on some trail mix since we are running late for dinner.


dinner was guac, bell pepper strips, brisket. Didn't even feel tempted by the bread, potato salad, or baked beans---nor the beer or cigarettes!

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New foods I've tried/re-tried:


swiss chard--like!

kale--like sauteed but not baked into chips!

macadamia nuts--never cared for them before (eaten primarily in cookies!) but raw, in my trail mix, they are the bomb!



Bought some plantains today--that will be an adventure. I've eaten some type of plantain fritter at a brazilian steakhouse, but never cooked them myself.


Roasted butternut squash. Its just "ok"

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Day 6


slept REALLY late!


B/L: coffee, brisket, guac, bell pepper, cauliflower mash, iced tea


D: Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken from WellFed, cauliflower mash, some greenish yellow plantains fried in coconut oil. Never had this before, and they were delicious. Not even sure I made them right, but they were damn good!

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Day 7


didn't get enough sleep. packed my lunch for today, but didn't plan ahead for keeping it cool in the car for 4 hours til I could get to work, so I had to leave it at home. Instead, stopped at TJs after class to grab some lunch stuff to keep in the fridge at work. Bought 3 things that I later realized were non-compliant, including the roast beef I ate for lunch. UGH. Dealing with people's crap at work is making me very impatient and grumpy. And it's raining. Basically I'm having one of "those" days :(  I just want to go back to sleep, but I have a very busy day ahead of me. I HAVE TO BE IN BED BY 10PM TONIGHT. I need to make myself do this, no matter what else I have going on.



B: coffee and trail mix


L: roast beef, steamed broccoli, pineapple spear, apple slices, iced coffee


D: grilled chicken, stir fry veggies, sweet potato, avocado


note: had a little gastro distress today around lunch time. Maybe the plantain I ate yesterday?

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Day 8!!!!!!


Feeling pretty fantastic today! Just a general feeling of awesomeness!!


Didn't reach my goal of going to bed at 10pm last night--it was more like 12:30. Woke up late but not TOO late. Went to class and now at work--feeling energetic and just plain GOOD!


skipped breakfast-just had coffee.


L: scotch egg, leftover stir-fry vegetables, apple slices.


D: salmon cakes, leftover veggies

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Day 9


Feeling very "on top of the world" today! I skipped class to sleep in this morning. Totally worth it, although I will be paying for it with extra homework tonight.


B: coffee


L: salmon cakes & tartar sauce, asparagus, mashed roasted sweet potato.


D: 4-egg omelette with spinach, pepper and onions; bacon; roasted cherry tomatoes



My trainer has been on vacation all week. I told myself I would work out at home, but I haven't. My 2 summer classes and work and cooking have been keeping me pretty busy. GOAL-20 minute workout tomorrow morning before I get ready for class.

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Well this morning I slept past breakfast. Yesterday and the day before I had things ready to eat for breakfast but didn't feel like eating.  I had a class that started this week, so I'm getting used to a new morning routine. Haven't had any adverse effects from it, so I'm not beating myself up about it. I'm always a breakfast-eater so I think its just the new morning routine that's got me thrown off.

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Day 10!


B: just a Lara bar and coffee. I'm working on it. I always eat breakfast, in fact my husband laughs at me because he says food is my first thought of the day. But this week I just haven't had an appetite in the am. I think its the stress of having to get up earlier than usual, look more professional than usual, and drive further than usual.


L: left work early. lunch at home: ground beef with broccoli and bell pepper and onion and asian-y seasonings/coconut aminos.


Roasted a chicken for dinner but I undercooked it (think my thermometer's broken) so I'm now making chicken soup out of it. I think I'll be having the soup for breakfast tomorrow!!


D: beef fajita meat, deviled eggs, sweet potato

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Day 11


B: coffee and larabar


L: five guys 2 patties, lettuce, onion, mustard; iced tea


D: couple deviled eggs, chicken soup, cucumber slices, a few bites leftover fajita meat. this meal lacked fat, except for the mayo in the deviled eggs.

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Thanks. Like I said, I'm sure I'll be right back to my normal breakfast-eating self next week; and in the meantime, a post that Melissa commented on is giving me some comfort:


Posted 28 January 2013 - 01:06 PM
Melissa Hartwig

Whole9 Head Diesel


Michaela, I will correct you a bit here. The Whole30 includes some hard-and-fast "rules" to follow, which are outlined in the program. We also recommend some strategies for success, like no fruit smoothies or eating three times a day... but those aren't technically necessary for Whole30 compliance. So eating more or less frequently than we recommend isn't a Whole30 issue - but it MAY lead you to experience less than optimal results.

Most folks find that (hormonally, metabolically, and from a hunger/energy perspective) eating three meals a day works the best - which is why we recommend it (and back those recommendations up in detail in It Starts With Food). But you could still be Whole30 compliant with your food choices and lack of scale time, and choose to eat in a different pattern.

Just wanted to clarify this for everyone, as it has been confusing in the past.

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Day 12


slept really late because I was woken at 3am by some very drunk boys. My husband hasn't seen his cousin in quite a while, so they went out and had a boys night last night and really tied one on.


B: salad of: spinach, bacon, chopped red onion. topped with 3 fried eggs and warm bacon drippings/balsamic vin. as the dressing. side of roasted butternut squash.


I love how the salad is simple, but luxurious to eat. This is my first time having butternut squash. Its...different. Not as good as sweet potatoes.


L: beef fajita meat, grilled onions, guacamole and pico


D: couple deviled eggs, a plum, leftover fajita meat

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Day 14


only got 6 hrs of sleep last night, but woke up feeling very rested


B: hardboiled egg, banana, coffee


L: 1/2 tin of wild planet sardines in lemon and olive oil, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, strawberries, herbal tea


pre-wo snack: mini cashew cookie larabar and 3 delicious strawberries

Did 1 hr workout - it was relatively easy as none of us had worked out in a week.


D: 2 "hamburger steaks" with grilled onions and peppers, side of butternut squash.


herbal tea before bed.


Was in bed by 10pm!! Hooray!

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