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3rd W30 starting 7/22


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I'm starting this log in advance of my third W30 to bolster my intention to get right back on the W30 after off-roading on vacation for two weeks.  


I will be traveling in a situation where choosing my food by my rules will be fine only up to a certain point, and after that point it will cause major family friction, which is not worth it.  I will also be in a country I haven't visited in six years, which was very important to me as a child, and where a lot of deeply sentimental experiences are tied up with non-W30-type foods.


My off-roading plan involves choosing--or not choosing--indulgences in the moment, not "planning to cheat."  It involves minimal dairy and grains, because I have a hunch (from previous reintroductions) that dairy stuffs me up and because I don't think I need grains and because grains go so well with sugar and with dairy.....  I will avoid soy and legumes as much as possible and will eat as unprocessed as possible, without making myself or my family crazy.


When I get back, I will follow the W30 and pay particular attention to issue that have caused problems for me in the past.


1. no nuts.  FWB and stomach issues.

2. no fruit with coconut cream, even as part of a meal.

3. limit fruit to less than once a day, unless it is local AND organic AND in season.  (Given where I live, that probably means nothing.)

4. much more fish -- esp canned wild salmon, but also fish like tilapia, which I have never tried to cook.

5. work on the snacking -- sometimes I have been good, sometimes not.  This is a work in progress, to distinguish real hunger from mouth hunger.


I may not check back until the 22nd, because my travel also includes dodgy wireless access, but I am stating a firm intention here.

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The "dear Melissa" response today about someone's Day 10 problem really spoke to me. I love the idea of cravings as the brain's tantrum. This suggests to me that while cravings may feel overwhelming and uncontrollable, like, say, a tsunami, in which my choices are irrelevant and ineffectual, it is instead MY JOB as a parent/brain custodian not to give in! And, equally important, it's also in my power.

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