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Giving this a go!


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Hi! :) i'm amber, from perth - Australia


I came across the whole 30 a few days ago, and thinking about starting on Monday. I will be on holidays for two weeks, so plenty of time to plan meals and prep food, as well as getting in to the swing of things! Two weeks should be enough time to get used to the routine for the remainder of the time when i'm at work.


My husband and I already eat pretty well, heaps of fresh produce and lean proteins and good fats - we eat many meals a day though, incorporate green smoothies, protein powders, and also eat grains and a little bit of dairy, as well as using stevia. these will all be going!! getting used to bigger less regular meals may take a little time, as well as incorporating more fat than i'm probably used to in one go.


I love getting creative in the kitchen and make most things from scratch, so i think i'll be up for the challenge :)


i'm hoping that I see some improvement in my digestion and bloating issues, as well as skin improvements.

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First time I've seen someone else from Perth on here :)


Best of luck!  That's awesome, starting when you've got lots of time.  It's really nice being able to spend lots of time cooking and experimenting (and shopping for ingredients) without time stress.  By the time you go back to work you'll have worked out how to streamline your shopping/cooking.


Let me know if you're stuck looking for anything.  I can't promise I'll have found it, but you never know :)

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Thanks Percypat - kind of looking forward to a bit of a change/challenge!


i'm pretty good with ingredients - most of what we buy already is real food, and i'm a self confessed label reading nazi when it comes to anything processed! most things get put back on the shelf :P also pretty good with the food prep - we do bodybuilding, and have been planning and prepping food for a couple of years, just in a different way.


i'm looking forward to eating whole fruit every day - we've been incorporating fruit in to smoothies for ages - as well as not being so scared of fat.


i'm off to do some shopping today, I don't have a huge plan, but will stock up on various  fish and meats (our coles sells Margaret river organic grass fed steak, and we have a roast in the freezer from a great farm down south that I think will get cooked along the way! also chicken (Thighs! shock horror!), etc) then we usually go to peaches in freo for fresh produce, eggs, and grocery items.


we've been having eggs for breakfast for ages - we'll now incorporate more yolks, and i'm thinking of making a big batch of chilli to have with cauli/broccoli rice and guacamole, meatballs with tomato sauce and zucchini noodles, green chicken curry, shakshuka eggs for dinners, as well as more simple things like steak and vegies (roast brussel sprouts! yum!), stirfrys, or crumbed chicken with salads.

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