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W30 #2 - Better perspective....


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I'm on day 1 of my second Whole 30.  I'm doing it again because I have a gym member that wanted to give it a go and I offered to participate as support.  I have to say that it's almost a relief to be doing a whole 30 again.  I have been way off track in the last few months, and just not feeling great.  When I decided to do the whole 30 again, I felt a huge sense of relief because I have rules to follow the next 30 days, which means I wont have to worry as much about any cravings.  Got a craving? Nope, not part of the rules.  Can't eat it.  I like that.


I also have a different perspective on the weight loss issue this time around.  Would I love to lose weight?  Absolutely.  Is it what I am focused on this time?  Nope.  As I had my wedding dress fitting a few days ago, and I stood in this room filled with mirrors, I had no choice but to look at myself.  Do I look exactly how I want?  Nope.  But man....I finally got what my fiance tells me all the time.  I am curvy, and I am beautiful.  Looking at myself in the dress, I stopped worrying about losing weight for my wedding day, because I finally appreciated the way I looked.  I can't even describe that feeling.  So this time, the Whole 30 is about feeling good and figuring out the best way to fuel for my workouts and recover afterwards. 


I know what it takes going into it this time, and I am excited at the prospect of trying new recipes and inventing some of my own.  This Whole 30 is about discovering my inner chef, figuring out the best way to fuel my workouts, and making myself feel good on a daily basis.


Day 1:

Bfast - ground pork, with apple, spinach, onion, cinnamon, nutmeg and garlic with lemon water and avocado on the side

Lunch - red curry (coconut milk, red curry paste, onion, zuchinni, green beans, red bell pepper, mushrooms,   flank steak)

Dinner - TBD when I get home from work

Workout - Crossfit 1 hour

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Sounds good.  I'm on day 3 of my 2nd W30 too and have very similar feelings regarding the rules and feeling less fussed about weight loss this time.  I'm also looking forward to doing a bit less cooking this time around now I have a better handle on my meal planning and options! 

Good luck - hope it goes well for you

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@loubee - thanks!  right back at you :)


I'm feeling a little crummy today, but i'm not surprised given how I ate on the weekend before I started.  Hot lemon water seems to be helping quite a bit.  Had to get up three times last night for the bathroom.  Must drink less water closer to bedtime!


Last night for dinner I had some chicken mixed with chicken broth, balsamic vinegar and sundried tomatoes with asparagus on the side.


Day 2

Bfast - sausage, egg, spinach and hot sauce fritatta with hot lemon water

Lunch - Homemade chicken soup

Dinner - to be determined

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Ugggh.  Not feeling well at all this morning.  Had to force my bfast down. 


Had steak and sweet potato last night for dinner.  Tried to have brussel sprouts, but they turned out to be rotten blah.


Can't wait to leave work and go back to bed.

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How are you doing today? I'm planning to start tomorrow. Wish me luck! 


not looking forward to the headaches and the crappy feeling (which honestly might not be so different than how I have been feeling the last few days)!


Hope you are feeling better!

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