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True Life: I did a whole 30 and lived to tell the tale


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"Oh..I could never do that" I have both said this phrase and heard this phrase uttered when conversing about extreme short-term elimination diets and cleanses. 

However I did just do that! Today marked the end of my Whole 30.

Here are a few of the things I have gained since starting my whole 30:

  • energy
  • cravings gone
  • able to go more than four hours between meals without feeling like I'm going to faint
  • reduced need to snack between meals
  • picked up a healthy habit of drinking more water and developed a love for sparkling water
  • no more diet soda
  • no more artificial sweetener
  • no more chewing gum
  • my addiction to grainy carbs is gone
  • no more need for something sweet after eating a meal,
  • love for veggies has increased immensely
  • better sleep
  • better skin
  • weight loss

In many ways, before this whole30, I was a prisoner to food, but, now I feel free. 

Moving forward, I am going to use the whole30 as the foundation for my diet. On an everyday basis - I am not going to reintroduce any non-whole 30 foods.

When I go out to a restaurant or dine outside of my home - I am going to do my best to make it whole-30 friendly, but I'm not going to put my energy into making sure every morsel served is compliant. 

I highly recommend this program if you feel yourself stuck in an unhealthy food rut, and are looking for a way to love and develop a habit of eating whole and natural foods. I felt a little woozy a few times as my body adjusted to not eating grainy carbs and sugar, but the good days outweighed the bad. I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of food, I never went hungry.

Thanks for changing my life


Twitter: @goingon13


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Super inspirational, thank you!


I am on Day 2, having fun making food ahead of time for the week: an Asian pot roast is in the slow cooker, I just pulled a batch of chorizo scotch eggs out of the oven, and breakfast was leftover pulled pork with eggs drizzled with roasted artichoke avocado soup (the soup was really thick so it's a perfect topping!)! I don't miss anything when eating this well! I can't wait to see more benefits in the weeks to come! 


Thanks for sharing!



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Your post is awesome. Thank you for sharing your results. It totally resonated with me - I found myself nodding the whole way through - check, check, check for me as well. Congratulations on doing something you never thought you could. I was reflecting on the very same thoughts this morning - and now I can't imagine going back to that old way of doing things. 

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