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W100 Recap


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Hi All,
Today is day 100.  A whole 100 is doable.  Not easy but doable. And for me it was life changing.


There are 3 take home messages from this journey:


1.    Life is enjoyable, exciting, and memorable – eating this way.  I don't need wine or cake or whatever to enjoy myself or enjoy being with friends and family.

2.    I can change – even at the ripe age of 53.  I can learn new habits.  I can take care of myself.  I can love cooking again.

3.    Equally as important – my body can change. I can heal. I can be energized. I can sleep. I can be focused. I can lose weight.


These are the things that changed – that I can attribute to Whole 30/100 (vs. what life was like before).

I can breathe through my nose (vs. congested 365/24/7)

I don't wake up stiff (vs. every morning)

I can do 3 sets of assisted pull ups (vs. zip, nada, you have to be kidding)

My moods are level, as is my energy (vs. a rollercoaster)

My digestion and IBS symptoms are 80% better (vs. debilitating)

I have had 2 hot flashes in 100 days (vs. lots, lots more)

I lost 27 lbs and 14 inches (vs. 27 lbs and 14 in more)



I am going to reintroduce sugar, dairy and gluten in the next 2 weeks – to see what works and what doesn't.  I'm heading to Paris and hope – fingers crossed- that I can have a bit of sugar, dairy and gluten.  If not, I will still have a fabulous trip to Paris. 


In August I will start up again.  I have more questions: What affects my digestion? and Is it coffee that drains my energy? :huh: 


Thanks for all the support along the way. From the daily emails to the book to the moderators to my forum buddies, I am grateful for all.  :wub: 

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congrats!!!!!! I was actually just getting ready to put up a post regarding the past 6 months for me...life changing is an understatement, huh? I started with a whole100 to on January 1st. WOW...AMAZING

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Jeez, this made me cry.  I'm looking ahead at 50 and have determined that I want to be healthier at 50 than I was at 40, and I've been thinking it's possible, and your post confirms it.  :lol:   Woohoo!


(Note that I got my first inspiration from my dad, who is not a Whole30er but who made some great changes to his life and when he turned 80 he said he felt healthier than he had 15 years before; and at 81 he bought a new car! :wub:  )

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Thank you for sharing your experience! You are a just the inspiration I needed today! Bless you, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris!


(I am starting a Whole100 today, finished my first Whole30 the first week of June)

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Congratulations! How awesome to do a W100! I love your success list.

I finished a W75 last Sunday with 5 French fries. I think that W Whatever may become part of my life going forward in some fashion. We all deserve to feel great.

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mrsjmac - Thank you.  Congratulations on 40+ days.  I got to 60 and wanted to do more!!!  You can do it!


Calee - Thanks!! Congratulations on your W75!  I am with you - we do deserve to feel great. I am starting another Wsomething August 1. 


Here's to great eating!

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