Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?

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38 minutes ago, MaggieElizabeth said:

Is the Silk unsweetened coconut milk compliant? 

As the post just above your says, you have to read the ingredients of the actual product you are going to purchase.  Brand formulations vary from region to region so what is available to me in Canada may not be available to you in your area... also, read the ingredients everytime you buy something like this as the manufacturer can change their ingredients on a whim and they're not obligated to make any big announcement.

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I bought a can of coconut milk at my local store and want to make sure its compliant.  I don't believe so since it has metabisulfite in it but want to double check.  

Ingredients- coconut extract, water, microcystalline cellulose, potassium metabisulfite (as a perservative).  

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