six months into a new life (with photos at end)


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it has now been 6 months since I've changed my life. looking back on a blog I started before my journey I came across this:


"I took the photos. I weighed myself. I took my measurements. so here they are. please don't tell anyone. I'm so embarrassed. I'm just in awe of where I am today. how did it happen? one cookie at a time...

I weigh 173.5. my waist is 39", my bust 42", and my hips 43 1/2! my thighs are 24" and my arms 14. I am miserable. I hate my body. I can't fit into my clothes. I'm going to change my life tomorrow. I'm going to change it one healthy meal at a time..."


(ETA my weight as of now is 143.9, waist 30", hips & bust 37", arms 12" and thighs 20.5. I've lost 29.6 pounds, and a total of 31")


I never want to be in that place again, the shame and guilt, the embarrassment I felt. I am a sugar addict, plain and simple. so last November when I turned 39 I realized things needed to change. I needed to change. I started doing crossfit (thank you Groupon!) and began searching for information about Paleo even though in my box no one talks about nutrition. I stumbled across whole9life and feel so blessed and grateful that I did.


I work in a hospital. I see people every day come in with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease. they are all on a slew of pills to "treat" these illnesses. I would watch them come in with their bags from McDonald's and diet cokes, and I would judge them. I would judge them because I was ashamed that they were the same as me, but I hadn't been "diagnosed" yet. and I feel very strongly that it was a yet. I hated in them exactly what I hated in me but was too scared to change. I now have empathy for my patients, I realize that we all have a choice, and I don't get to judge them for the choices they make.


I turn 40 this year. it was my dream to be the fittest, strongest, healthiest I've ever been in my life. thanks to whole9life I will fulfill my dream. I never would've dreamed of being able to do this. ever.


I started my journey with a whole100, as I stated, I am a sugar addict. if I didn't have sweets in the house I would eat powdered sugar from the bag. I ate cookies/brownies/cake for breakfast. hiding behind the cabinets. so my kids wouldn't see. I would sneak downstairs at night when they went to bed to gorge myself on sweets. I drank 3 or 4 coke zero's a day. I didn't eat any veggies - I couldn't waste the calories on food like that! if I was going to have calories it would come in the form of sugar! (sometimes fat free - that's better, right?!) so starting a whole anything was drastic to me.


following my whole100 I introduced some foods but quickly realized that staying compliant was easier. I stay rather compliant but use foods that may have honey in them, a bit of cream or cheese here or there, some corn, some good organic salad dressings. I don't stress when going out or having food at a friends house. I haven't brought back gluten - not really a need for me right now. 


as it stands today I just completed another 30 days and plan to do so 3 times a year. I plan to eat birthday cake on my daughter's birthday and my husband's birthday (and mine too!) and enjoy it.


I have to set certain boundaries right now, but I have to realize these, too, need to be flexible. I can't change everything overnight. the changes I have made in the past 6 months are unreal. but I still have a long way to go. I will never be perfect, but since changing my life I am much more content. I feel as though I am finally allowing myself to be who I always wanted to be but was too scared to try to be.







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Congratulations!! I appreciate your story - I had a lot of those bad habits. It's good to know that creating guidelines works in the long term. Yay!! Woohoo for you!

And those pictures are fabulous!!!! A great way to show all your hard work and your success.

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Amazing results. I've felt so much like you and I'm working on my 2nd Whole 30. The first Whole 30 I lost 10lbs and many inches (at least in my waist). Now, I'm working on my second challenge. I hope to continue until I reach my goal body. 


I find that staying compliant works for me too because if I eat treats, I crave treats. If I abstain, I'm roaring to go. It's very inspiring to see what you've achieved. This is the fuel I need to keep my on track. 

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Contratulations! Excellent results, and you've also changed your relationship with food for good!


I'm on my 2nd whole 30 - achieved great results on my 1st, but then went back to my old ways :( But this time I'm focussed, on the forums and getting my inspiration from people such as yourself!


Well done, you can be very proud of your achivement and thank you for inspiring me!

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This is very inspiring to me. My current weight and measurements are nearly the same as your pre-Whole30. This gives me motivation to stick with Whole30 beyond the 30 days, I'd love to lose inches and weigh below 145 lbs by the end of this summer. Thank you for sharing, and congrats!!

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Thanks so much for sharing.  I just finished my Whole 30 and will continue for life with accastional choices to off road.  I needed to lose 40 pounds my problem was not so much sweet items but White Wine and yes I would hide the fact that I was drinking.  My Mom just pasted away last year in April and it was not pretty.  She was in Hospice care for 16 days before she passed away.  My Mom was over weight most of her life and was type two diabetic as well as Parkinson's.  I am 58 now and want to finish my last years being healthily and happier.

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