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My first Whole 30


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After several false starts, I have decided that I will start a Whole 30 tomorrow, July 6.  It will most likely be a Whole 11 as we are going to WDW in 11 days.  I figure I might as well get 11 days of practice and maybe, I will be able to lessen the damage that will happen during my vacation.  I know some of you would be strong willed enough to continue throughout your holiday but we have purchased the meal plan months ago and I will want to eat my included dessert. So I'm doing this 11 day practice run, who knows, I may not even be tempted to cheat!


I will be post my weight but not measurements.  I have not taken them yet.


I'm 5'5 and weight a whopping 247 lbs!  I want to loose about 100 lbs.  I need to do this for myself, and my children.  What brings me the most sadness at this moment is that I can't use our trampoline with my daughter because we pass the weight limit. It just breaks my heart as she does not understand why mommy won't jump with her.   :(  I am ashamed when I meet people I knew in the past because I have gained so much weight.  I also have lupus and asthma. I feel like a young soul in an older person's body.  I'm only 36 and feel this bad, imagine how I will feel at 56? I also want to have another baby but will not try to conceive at this weight, it is just not healthy.


Here are a few items that I would like to see improved:


splitting nails

cracking nails

stiffness upon waking

stinky flatulence

white patches on knees

excema on toes


blotchy skin (face)


I can't wait to see these improvements and get the energy burst that so many of you have written about! Some of your stories are SO inspirational, thank you for sharing on the board!

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I don't think I'd be strong willed enough to stay on a Whole30 at WDW and I've been Paleo from months. I would definitely encourage you to start now with a W11 and then PLAN to jump straight onto a proper full Whole30 when you get back and stay as compliant as possible while still enjoying yourself on a vacation.


Part of this program is learning how to enjoy your life and all its bumps without just saying f-it whenever you can't have total control. You can do it!

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Thank you for your encouragement.  Hopefully the lessons learnt in the 11 days as well as the practice and positive results experienced will boost my motivation to at least choose the healthiest options most of the time.  I will without a doubt be back on the Whole 30 horse upon my return. :)

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