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Sassy's W30 #3 attempt number 9 million


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It's starts TODAY.  Right NOW.


I rocked 1 & 2 almost back to back last September 17 - November 22, but for the life of me I can't get #3 off the ground.  I've done many many many W10's, W7's, W5's and a couple of W14's in there but I give into temptation and swan dive right into a martini.


I always struggle with the booze. My willpower after the full W30's was amazing.  I didn't drink very often and when I did, it wasn't much.  That was so freeing!  I've slipped and the last several months have been one big party.  The drinking leads me to eat sweets.  I eat a sweet and then think, oh, well, wrecked this day so I might as well have a cocktail and then pretty soon I've got my face in a bag of tortilla chips and I'm folding myself into a pizza.  Sleep is disrupted.  I'm frazzled.  Cocktail after work.. Lather rinse repeat.  


My motivation:  I miss that W30 sleep.. that glorious deep, almost dead-like, sleep *wistful sigh*  


My joints ache again too.


I'm puffy.


My peaches and cream skin looks blotchy on my face.  Me no likey.  It makes me look old.


I'm depressed and gloomy and my anxiety is creeping up.


So, expect whining and temper tantrums as I detox from all this alcohol!  


I turn 44 mid August so if I start NOW, I can have my annual birthday cupcake :)  I usually also have a glass of birthday champagne but I might skip that since it's such a trigger. Anyway, I don't want to worry about that.. 
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So, Day 1


meal 1:  eggs, spinach, mushroom, little sweet potato hash, black coffee

meal 2: breakfast was so late that I ended up having a peach while cooking dinner because I wasn't very hungry

meal 3: zoodles and homemade sauce and meatballs, big salad with o&v

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Day 2!


Breakfast: Spinach, carrot omelette, coffee 

Lunch; leftover meatballs on a bed of sauteed kale and a side salad with homemade mayo/dressing


We had to run to the "town" this morning and I was hungry between breakfast and lunch.  No, wait, not hungry, but feeling munchy.  DD wanted a burger from McD's.  Half back to our house, after smelling her fries for 30 mins, my stomach finally went crazy growling so I ate a larabar.  That helped and within another 20 mins we were back at the house and I was able to make my lunch.  Whew!


Not a clue yet what's for dinner. Sigh.

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Breakfast.. egg that never was eaten, handful of almonds and some coconut flakes

Lunch.. leftover meatballs, huge salad, nectarine

Dinner.. still pondering.. I might make myself and a spanish omelette 


No cravings today.  I was so busy at work that I really didn't have time to miss the fact that I didn't really eat breakfast and my lunch was inhaled.  Hoping to relax and be hungry enough for dinner. 

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Day 4

Breakfast was eggs and spinach, grapes


Lunch: huuuuuge salad, chicken, nectarine


I had some cherries too and almonds between work, getting kids and tennis camp.


My kids and I had tennis camp this evening and we had so much fun.  I really can't figure out why I am not hungry.  I'm finally home.. haven't had dinner yet but now it's after 10 and I'm just going to go to bed.  

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Day 5.  I worked all day but have been so nauseated and I've hardly eaten.  I came home from work to find my eldest son home sick from work with the stomach flu.  Really hope I don't come down with that.


I've had black coffee, water, a few cherries and I managed to get down a larabar.  That's it.  Nothing sounds good.  Everything I think of makes my stomach roll and lurch.

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Appetite was back today!  YES!


1. Spinach and egg omelette with half an avocado, a nectarine

2. grilled chicken breast, big salad, other half of the avo, dressing was my homemade mayo with some vinegar in it

3. ground beef and kale and lots of spices.  Delicious!


I have cherries that need to be eaten.  I might have those since I didn't eat much dinner.


Tomorrow night i have a hurdle. My bff's birthday party.  This group of women, there are 5 of us, get together regularly and really it's an excuse to eat decadent, rich foods and drink.  I'm planning on bringing guac and veggies, deviled eggs, and I'm hoping these wonderful women don't show up with some super awesome food.  For my drink I'm going to blend fresh watermelon with ice and add club soda to it to make it slushy kind of.  I hope that will be ok for me.  I looooooooooooove my cocktail hour and cocktail hour with my girls is the best!  *fingers crossed* I stay sober tomorrow night.  Sigh.

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Major hurdle for me last night and I am so proud of myself!  I did NOT drink!  That has never happened.  If you put alcohol in my hand, I will consume it.  I am so unbelievably proud!  I had watermelon blended with ice and added a little club soda and it was refreshing and tasty.


On my previous W30's I avoided social situations where I knew there would be alcohol because I didn't trust myself enough to say no. I am positively giddy that I accomplished that hurdle!


Yesterday Day 7


Breakfast eggs/spinach/avo

Lunch was eaten at my desk because we were short staffed.. i had a nectarine, almonds and some coconut.  Not ideal at all but it worked.

Dinner at the party.. deviled eggs, guac and carrot sticks, fresh fruit.


I woke up late this morning so I haven't eaten yet but I'll go make an omelette I think for breakfast and maybe some sweet potato hash.

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