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Lesser evil?


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Which is the lesser evil?


- paleo muffin made with almond flour, dates, banana, eggs, and carrots



- gluten free bread (rice, potato, tapioca flours, etc)


I'm not talking about for me for Whole30.  I'm taking a road trip with my almost 2 year old who eats pretty much like I do, but I need as many kid friendly foods as possible and I'm trying to figure out which is better.  The paleo muffins have almond flour which is high in omega 6's and maybe oxidizes.  The gluten free bread has some grains.  It's probably not a huge deal either way since we're talking about one day (well two since it will take us awhile to get there), but you know what I mean.  He will have mostly what I'm eating, but I want to have an arsenal for him.  He's not a picky eater, but sometimes he is just not in the mood for some things and the last thing I need is a cranky toddler in the backseat because he's hungry. :)

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Don't compromise. Here is how the Hartwigs managed a 15,000 mile road trip... http://whole9life.com/2011/07/whats-in-your-cooler/


I'll be fine.  It's my son I need more stuff for just in case.  The plan listed in that link is pretty much what I'm doing minus the seafood and primal packs.  I also don't plan on having access to a microwave while on the road. 


The only downside I see to the muffins (which are healthier) is that I might be tempted to taste one because they are all legal ingredients whereas the bread is off limits in my mind.  I guess the muffin is off limits to me too though.  It would be too easy for me to eat more than one and even though it's a vacation, I don't think it qualifies as special enough, delicious enough, or worth the cravings it could cause.  I'd rather save myself for a possible treat at Disney to share with my son if the occasion calls for it...not grab a muffin from the cooler. 


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