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Sarah's whole 30 started July 4th


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Well today is day three and it has sucked.


The tired, cranky's hit hard and I just wanted to dive into chocolate and french fries.  Oh and I am PMS'ing so it is twice as bad.  But weirdly I can't say that I'm hungry.  I am craving but not hungry. Today I hibernated and nested, didn't want to subject the world to well me, and tonight I will go to bed early who cares if it's a Saturday night.


May day 4 be better.

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I rocked day 5 even with an insane work schedule and a headache.  I stayed compliant eating the following:


Breakfast - eggs with salsa and a large iced decaf americano


Lunch - baked chicken and broccoli


Dinner - "coleslaw", ribs and coconut cream larabar while everyone else had coconut cream pie and ice cream.


Lunch was early so I did have a larabar as a snack, not the greatest calorie choice but better than being not compliant with the diet.


Loads of water and another cup of decaf with my snack.  I could have made a few better choices but staying compliant was great.


Already feeling better, craving still suck, and even with AF bloat, feeling lighter around my midsection.

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