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My 2nd W30 starts tomorrow!


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I'm still really happy with the results of my first w39 back in April. I have not gained any weight back. I have discovered that I just cannot tolerate several off track stuff. It's not just moods or intestinal either. I swear I feel 15 years older off track. My joints and eyes and general aches and pains and energy have gone right back into the toilet since my W30 ended and I have not gone that far off track or that often. And I still need to lose considerable weight. About 25 pounds.

So I'm doing another strict round and I'm going to try harder to stick with it when it's over too. My only exception will be ine cup of bulletproof coffee per day. And I'm going to try to wean myself from kerrygold to coconut butter by the end of the 30.

I think I'm going to make a section on my blog to keep a photo menu. Maybe.

Yesterday and today I've been going around town buying the groceries I need for the 14 day menu I made. Oh and I had my first ever Lara bar! It was tempting to buy a case. I did not. Temptation 0 - Me 1 LOL

Anyone else starting tomorrow?

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I am starting Round 4 tomorrow- I will follow the template, remain compliant, and plan to exercise 5 days per week- with some cardio every day added into my weight lifting routine.

I also will focus on more water intake, as well as more veggies- which tend to take the back seat when I am busy or in a hurry.


My husband and I have been married 24 years and we have 6 kids- I still think we have a small family... I see you have 10 - AWESOME !!!!! :D

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