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Check out my journey on Facebook!

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Hi everyone! I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to my Facebook page called:

Live Life Strong with Nicole

I'm just finishing day 18 of Whole30. I post my thoughts, struggles, successes, pictures, motivation, recipe ideas, etc. at least once a day.

Please "Like" my page so you can follow me on the rest of my journey. Once I finish this first 30 days, I leave for a trip to Italy 5 days after day 30. So unfortunately I won't be able to complete a proper reintroduction of foods. Therefore, when I get back from Italy in early August, I will do another round of Whole30 with a proper reintroduction of foods. I am interested in finding out if I may have a food allergy, and I'm also considering going mostly Paleo after my 2nd round of Whole30.

I hope you will join me on my journey and please feel free to message me and make comments on my page about your journey as well!

:) Nicole

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