Where to get whole foods in Germany (Ramstein/Landstuhl/K-Town) area?

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I am new and on day 1 of the Whole 30.  I would like to try to find grass fed meats and "clean"  bacon.  I am not stateside and cannot order meats internationally.  I am not great at reading German food labels, and want to make sure I dont get something that breaks the "rules" of the whole30.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! :)

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Ansbach area here (like you, posted here) and I've solved it a bit. If I need a semi-processed thing (think: prosciutto, etc.) and don't want to hit the commissary (if you have access?), most German varieties are fairly safe. Zucker is the word for sugar, but really, you're looking for anything that looks suspicious. I have a smart phone, so I downloaded the Google Translate app. Type in the word I'm trying to translate and take it or leave it at that. I think my Kaufland (the big German store near me) had a German-style bacon (speck) that wasn't strips like American bacon is but was compliant. I just bit the bullet and ate prosciutto instead.


The commissary here, while fairly small compared to the Ramstein area one, has more than I expected that I can eat. The Muir Glen organic salsa (not the black bean or corn varieties) are compliant. The prosciutto is compliant. The meats aren't all organic, but we do have a tiny selection of grass-fed/organic beef and ground turkey/chicken. The frozen veggie California mix (I think it's called) is just carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower and it saves me in a pinch. Buy fresh produce, cuts of raw meat (as in, not bacon), and you'll be fine.


For coconut aminos, I bought them on Amazon and could get them shipped to APO. 

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This post is two years old but I live in Germany so if anyone else is also local I would love to hear from you! I am having a fairly easy time finding compliant stuff. My faves are:


- ghee and coconut oil from DM

- Stremellachs and regular räucherlachs from LIdl

- olives from DM

- Cashew milk from DM

- Beet/Ginger juice from DM (Saftwerk)

- no sugar added apple sauce from DM

- organic apple cider vinegar from DM (the only one I could find without sulfites)

- Aldi's steak selection is great and really affordable

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I am in Germany (on the boarder to LUX) as well and am on Day 18. I found it fairly easy to find compliant food! I visit the local farmer's market for produce and for meat and seafood I usually go to Luxembourg. My Greek olive and shrimp 'dealer' is all against added this and that and always tells me which of his products are compliant. I do have difficulty finding lunch meat and cilantro, though. Latter won't be an issue so much as I can just grow my own soon in the garden rather than relying on the half-wilted bunch at my grocery store but other than prosciutto and similar cured meats I cannot find any lunch meat without evil ingredients which is cool with me but the hubs would love some lunch meat lettuce wraps.

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