Finally a breakfast winner!


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Well, this isn't Whole30 compliant, but it is paleo. My 7 year old has been fighting me hard on breakfast, and pretty much just eating fruit. I mixed up these, and she ate several (even if she did need to dip them in applesauce....). All my other kids loved them too, but that didn't surprise me ;)


I used non-sweetened sunbutter in place of the almond butter, because I just can't bring myself to spend $14 for a small jar.


I'm hoping we can transition to better options over time, but considering we are switching from oatmeal, pb&j, and cereal, I'm happy with these for now!


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Glad I ran across this! I'm trying to get my 3 year old back on track after a hard last month of my pregnancy (grandparents fed her more than I did) and first 6 weeks of new baby. She gets up so early and wants to eat something. Right now we just hand her whatever is available, and often that has been my husband's bread. This looks like a much better option! I'm going to make some tonight!

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