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after late, long work shift: eating right before sleep


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Hi everyone! 

I just started the Whole30 about ten days ago... woohooo! Feeling great. Question: I work a lot of shifts from 6 to 11 or 12 during which I can't really eat anything (I just drink a bunch of water). I am trying to organise my life so that I have brkfast at 7, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5. When I get home I'm hungry and even if I wasn't I don't think it's good to go so many hours without eating. But the plan is to go to bed immediately and as soon as possible. and I would REALLY like to get used to not eating close to bedtime so I am thinking it would be good to eat something that wasn't too "heavy" or intense. 


What category of foods would you recommend? protein and carb-dense? or not that? I eat a lot of egg for my breakfasts so I'd like to avoid a hard boiled egg. Some ideas (realistic to my access to foods) to see what you think:


- apple and 1 tbsp of almond butter* (ie. fruit, protein, fat)

- smashed banana with coconut oil (ie. carb dense fruit and fat) and hemp powder?

- animal protein and fruit

- animal protein and carb such as sweet potato

- just a 1/2 sweet potato or equivalent of roasted beets/carrots/turnips with some coconut oil


*this brings me to the question, almond butter? I couldn't find it in the materials so not sure if it's kosher for Whole30. and would it have to be raw almond butter? certainly nothing added. 


Any advice would be appreciated! I'm off to my 6 o'clock shift! 

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I'm not sure.... I find eating fruit right before bed makes me crave more and more food!


That being said, I think apple and almond butter sounds great, or small amount of protein and non-starchy vegs so make a small can of tuna and some carrot sticks or something. Or veggies with mayo/dip. I'm not sure what's best health wise tho, a mod may have some better ideas!

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