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Whole 30 has changed my outlook on food - and changed my life


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My husband decided he was going to try Whole 30 at the beginning of July. I told him I wasn't going to do it because I needed to focus on my emotional state (My mom passed away in Jan 2012, I had no motivation to do anything (truly LAZY), and I am obese).


But when it came down to going grocery shopping with the list he made, I just decided I might as well try it so I didn't have to buy extra groceries for me and our kids separate from him. It would just be easier when it came to cooking too.


I am SO glad I did.


Doing Whole 30 has not only helped me lose weight and inches, but it has helped me gain motivaiton to do things, I am happier, and I have incredible focus when I am at work. I cannot believe how much the type of foods we eat can effect our mental and emotional state.


So as for my results, here it goes!


I started out at 239.5 - I am 221.3 now - 30 days later!!  For a loss of 18.2 lbs!


Inches lost:

-1.50 upper ab

-1.00 mid ab

-0.50 low ab

-1.75 in each bicep!

-2.00 hips

-2.00 in each thigh!


And this morning I found a pair of dress slacks my mom bought at Goodwill for me the summer before she passed away as motivation to lose weight to fit in them. (My mom was a big supportor of me losing weight)  They FIT!!!!  I was in a size 22 when I started Whole 30. I am now in a size 18 pants!! I dropped two pants sizes in 1 month?! I never in my wildest dreams thought that would happen. 


And my husband's results - he lost 13 lbs! He only measured his abs and he lost a total of 3.5 inches! He is now 162 lbs and you can see his abs! So proud of him.


And now for the photos - please do not copy...I still have a long way to go! My husband and I have decided to go for a whole 45 - or maybe 60! But even after we finish the Whole 45 we now are more educated as to how we should eat.  So happy my husband found this website and I gave in and tried it!  It has changed my life.








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I'm so sorry about your mom passing away, and the emotional and physical toll it took on you. It's wonderful you can now try to focus on your health, and you even brought your mom into it by wearing the pants she bought you as motivation :) Thanks for sharing your story with us. You got great results and it's inspirational for all of us.

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What a great story!  How wonderful you found a healthy way through your grief and towards self care!



Now that I am in Day 8 of my second Whole 30 I can't believe I was so down on life 38 days ago. I was actually going to go to the doctor about possibly getting depression medication. I'm so glad I didn't because eating this way has done a complete 180 on my emotions.

I guess it's true - you are what you eat. If you we eat foods that are not natural and healthy, we will not be healthy - emotionally, mentally and physically.

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