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Amy (and Travis) - The First Whole30 - Start July 9


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Day 9 - 7/17/13


Wake at 5:35a.  Lay in bed pretending to be sleeping until 6:15a.  Travis had an early meeting at work, so I got up early to make his breakfast.  I was super cranky about it.


Travis had more bloating issues last night.  We ate SUPER CLEAN yesterday, all low-FODMAP, and I started him on some gut-healing supplements (marshmallow root, digestive enzymes, slippery elm, and better quality probiotics), so I'm not sure what caused it.  It could be residual from eating the melon the previous night, or it could be that the watermelon over the weekend has him in a bad streak and he just has to keep eating clean and come out of it.  A flare-up, if you will.


As part of his "gut healing" protocol, I'm changing up his breakfast.  Keeping the four eggs, scrambled hard.  Everything else goes into a smoothie so that I have a tasty vehicle for his gut-healing stuff: spinach or kale, blueberries, coconut oil, plus aloe vera juice, L-glutamine powder, and water.  I'm thinking of taking out the slippery elm and marshmallow root pills and instead adding the powders to the cocktail.  Taking out the avocado which is on the FODMAP list. 


Meal 1 at 7:00am (for me): three sunny-side up eggs, kale, tomato, 1/2 avocado.  1 fig.  BP coffee.


Meal 2 at 12:15pm: Amy had 2 salmon cakes with tartar sauce, sauteed cabbage, blanched asparagus.  Travis had his company picnic and successfully navigated it with a hamburger patty, a huge pile of pulled pork, 4 tomato slices, and 3 lettuce leaves.  He reports that for next year, when we are not on whole30, they do offer GF hamburger buns and GF BBQ sauce.  I'm really proud of him for thinking ahead. 


Meal 3 at 6:00pm: Chicken breast with low-FODMAP salsa, summer squash, and spinach.  I had some canteloupe.  T had some raspberries.


T wasn't feeling particularly well when he got home from work.  He deteriorated over the course of the evening.  Around 9pm he started having really runny diarrhea and feeling like puking.  This is not his normal IBS stuff.  I don't know what to think.  He could be getting sick.  It could be a detox thing.  It coudl be him not agreeing with the new supplements.  Part of me wants to push him for a few days to see if he improves.  Part of me wants to quit this for him.  :(


Bedtime at 11pm.

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Day 10 - 7/18/13


Wake at 5:30am, no alarm.  Dozed until alarm at 6:30am.  Had really weird dreams last night.  I am not as tired today as I thought I'd be.


T had a rough night, but after 6 more trips to the porcelain throne or so (no puking, though), he was able to sleep.  We are pressing on to see if this is some kind of die off or if I need to roll back the supplementation.  I can't imagine that all these soothing, anti-inflammatory things are causing this huge problem.  I stopped his probiotic - we'll hold off for a couple weeks to give his gut time to heal first.  Other than that, we'll continue.


I got my copy of "Well Fed" today.  So excited!


Meal 1 at 7:00am.  For me, 3 sunny side up eggs, kale, tomato, 1/2 avocado.  Cherries.  BP Coffee.  For T, 4 eggs scrambled hard, gut-healing smoothie: kale, raspberries, strawberries, coconut oil, aloe vera juice, DGL, glutamine powder.  Also slippery elm, marshmallow root, and digestive enzymes.  The gelatin is in the mail and we'll add that to the smoothie when it arrives.


Meal 2 at 12:45pm: (me) Leftover sausage/zuke hash.  Sauteed snap peas and parsnips.  Cherries.


My meeting ran long before lunch.  I was NOT panicking because I was so hungry I felt like I was going to pass out.  This is SO different for me!!


Meal 3 at 6:00pm: Aidell's sausage stirfry with sweet potato, bell pepper, and spinach.  String bean salad from CSA beans.  A little kombucha for me.


T had a decent day.  He reports low-level heartburn all day, which I presume is due to the HCl in the digestive enzymes.  So we're stopping those for now until I can get some HCl-free ones.  He gets a little bloated after each round of supps (in the morning and in the evening), but it seems to have calmed down now (9pm).  I hope that this will get a little better every day - as long as it's not getting worse, I'm keeping him on the supps.

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Day 11 - 7/19/13


Wakeup at 6:45am to a very chipper, happy husband.  I'm very optimistic that we've weathered the storm.


Meal 1 at 7:15am.  The usual, with side of cherries.


Made a trip to Sprouts with the kids which was a fair bit of disaster, but managed to escape with lots of great meat, including grass fed ground beef on sale, canned sweet potatoes NOT packed in syrup, digestive enzymes without HCl, a large bottle of aloe vera juice, and two bottles of DGL that were on clearance.  Score!


Meal 2 at 12:30pm: Leftovers from last night (Aidell's/sweet potato/spinach/bell pepper/tomato.)  And cherries.


Meal 3 at 6:00pm: Bacon wrapped venison filets on the grill with grilled veggies.  You have my permission to be jealous.  It was delectable.  I used a touch of the Mocha steak rub from ISWF (sans coffee for the benefit of T who doesn't like it, so I guess it's just cocoa rub.  And I added cayenne.)


Feeling happy.  Feeling optimistic.  Feeling slimmer.  Feeling like I've got some of T's demons beat. 


Still intimidated by the disarray of my pantry and refrigerator and wanting to get the hang of meal planning this way.  But things are looking up.  And it's the weekend.

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Day 12 - 7/20/13


Last night was another bad one for T.  Up late with lots of bloating/gas/diarrhea.


Meal 1: The usual with cherries.


Meal 2: Leftovers again, all sauteed up together - mixed veg, sweet potato, pork chop, aidell's.  All in there.


I'd been doing some posting about T's IBS/leaky gut struggles,  Whole30 member Bet suggested the SCD intro diet to me, to help his gut heal and calm down a little bit before jumping in to all the fibrous stuff on the whole30.  The whole30 is great, but not quite gentle enough for him.  The SCD intro diet comprises chicken soup (bone broth!), pureed carrots, grape juice and grape juice gelatin, little hamburger patties, and eggs.  That's it.  I ran out to the store to get some supplies and got the chicken soup going in the crock pot.


Also this evening was our first party - our neighbors had a tex-mex themed party.  I made/brought tex-mex meat and spinach muffins from Well Fed as my dish to pass, and it was the only paleo/whole30 compliant thing to eat there, aside from some fajita meat.  T wasn't eating (he waited for soup), and the kids aren't usually very hungry at dinner.  I ate two meat muffins and a strip of fajita meat.  The kids' bedtime made it easy to escape. 


After the party, I finished cranking out T's new food, and served him up a simple dinner (chicken soup, carrot puree, hamburger, 50% grape juice).  After he ate, I rubbed his back to help him work out the last bit of the gunk that had been bothering him all day, but then we were both able to sleep.

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Day 13 - 7/21/13


The SDC Intro has been really good to T.  He's just been burping a little bit after meals, and that's it.  I hope this continues to calm down and then we'll start to reintroduce some other food.  I want to be careful not to rush.


Meal 1 - me: The usual.  T: Grape juice jello, three eggs, and a hamburger.


Meal 2 - me: 2 meat muffins, some veggies, and some canteloupe.  T: hamburger, chicken soup, grape juice jello.


Meal 3 - me: more leftovers like yesterday's lunch and some canteloupe. T: hamburger, chicken soup, carrot puree, 50% grape juice.


Feeling extremely optimistic that we are getting T some relief.  Hoping and praying that we can start to reintroduce things without causing issues. 


I noticed today that since going mostly-paleo (the kids are still having limited dairy), my 13mo DD's diaper rash is gone.  :)

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Day 14 - 7/22/13


Meal 1 at 7:00a: The usual, no fruit, BP coffee.


Meal 2 at 12:30p: Salsa chicken, summer squash and spinach saute, cherries


Hell of a day at work today.


Meal 3 at 6:15pm: Ground beef skillet with bok choy and zucchini.  Cucumber salad.  A bit of the kids' bananas.


T is doing well in terms of tummy irritation on the SCD (still on the intro diet), but feels like he's not eating enough.  I told him to eat more.  He had a rough afternoon.  He's also feeling depressed ("I'll never be able to travel/go out/have fun again...") and mourning the loss of stuff he used to like.  I confess that I don't really understand that.  It caused him horrible pain.  How can you miss that?  I don't miss anything right now.  I honestly don't care if I never eat another slice of pizza or another soft pretzel.  I just feel so incredible.  We do like to travel, but I don't feel like we're going to suffer.  We'll just do the best we can.  I have a vision of the future and it's awesome.  He doesn't have the vision, and I don't know how to give it to him.

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Day 15 - 7/23/13


Meal 1: The usual.


Meal 2: salsa chicken with chili slaw.  Cherries.  I am so over summer squash right now, I can't even tell you.


A co-worker gave me a ginormous zucchini from her garden.  I'm hoping it will make amazing zoodles.  :)


Meal 3: Ground beef skillet with sweet potato, spinach, and bell pepper.  Shoulda put Cholula on it.  I need more flavor.

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Day 16 - 7/24/13


Meal 1 at 7:30a: The usual.


Meal 2 at 12:45pm: tex mex meat muffin, homemade sausage with mixed veg and HB egg, cherries.


I've been feeling slightly hungry between meals, particularly in the morning.  Trying to just drink more water to push through it.  I'm filling myself up at breakfast, so I'm sure I'm eating enough...


My mom is in town this week.  She's been eating paleo for a couple months (yay!) and loves it.  But she doesn't quite understand about the whole30, or why I can't have paleo zucchini bread. 


T started Phase 1 of the SCD this morning, by adding in pearsauce.  So exciting.  I think he's pretty much officially off of Whole30 and on SCD.  And my kids are on paleo-plus-limited-dairy-but-not-whole30.  So I'm cooking for 3 different diets ATM. 


CSA day today - I hope we don't get more woody green beans.


Meal 3: AMAZING entree salad with grilled chicken breast. T had grilled chicken breast instead of hamburger with dinner, which shouldn't have been such a triumph since he's been eating chicken in the soup.  But somehow it was.


We did get more green beans in the CSA box, but they seem more tender than last weeks.  Also some baby turnips and pearl onions that I'm looking forward to roasting for dinner tomorrow with steak.  In some ways, it's nice not to have to eat the same thing as T, because I can actually have some onions and garlic!  We also got some more cherries.  I'm kind of over cherries -- this is the fourth or fifth week of them!

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I hope you can make meal planning/making as easy as possible for yourself, and find ways to make it crossover. or get your husband to help you out - I know you mentioned wanting to help him and do it for him  in case he gave up, but the pressure on you to do everything is enormous. I've been in a similar position in terms of having to do so many things to fit different requirements and would regularly have breakdowns about it....that was part of the reason the whole30 appealed to us in the first place!


look after your mental health as well, share the load, and make it as easy as you can!

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Day 17 - 7/25/13


Attempted to get up early at 5:30 and get an early start at work.  That didn't go very well.  Eventually got up at 6:10.


Meal 1: The usual.


T seems to be on the upswing.  He actually said this morning, "What if I *am* getting better?!?"  I'm encouraged.  His tummy seems to be calming down.  He's filling out his own log now. The pears seemed to treat him well - he has more for lunch today.


Meal 2: Ground beef skillet with sweet potato and red pepper, which I loaded down with Cholula because I needed more flavor!!


Meal 3: Some really nice steak on the grill - just what the doctor ordered.  Grill roasted turnips and pearl onions.  The awesome strawberry banana salad.  This meal was just about perfection.  T even had some steak and REALLY enjoyed it!!


Bedtime: Too late.  But T was happy and slept well, so I can't complain!

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Day 18 - 7/26/13


Wakeup: way too early.


Meal 1: The usual.


Snack (at the zoo): Clementine and HB egg


Meal 2 (at the zoo): Grilled chicken breast dipped in homemade OOMayo.  Clementines. HB egg.


I am officially down a full pant size.  At the beginning of the Whole30, I was a 20 or 18W, able to squeeze into some 18s.  I just switched my pants around  -- I can now wear an 18 or 16W, able to squeeze into some 16s.  I'm now wearing the pants that I bought after DS was born... which means I have "lost" the baby weight from DDs pregnancy.  WOO HOO!


Also, today was the final day of "pears" introductions for T.  He did well.  We are declaring pears a good food and moving on to squash (butternut and acorn) tomorrow.  I'm also planning to add back in small amounts of digestive enzymes starting tomorrow.  Only half a pill per meal this time. 


Meal 3: Paleo chili made by my mom.  It was INCREDIBLY delicious and satisfying.  Must get the recipe.  It was ridiculous.  Topped with homemade guacamole.  YUMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm....

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Day 19 - 7/27/13


Meal 1 - The usual.


Meal 2 - Paleo chili leftovers


Meal 3 - Pork carnitas (http://www.mykitchenescapades.com/2012/11/pork-carnitas.html), topped with salsa and guac, served over spring greens.  Raw jicama "fries."  Ridiculously delicious!!!


Gave T a half pill's worth of digestive enzymes in his pureed carrots at dinner.

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Day 20 - 7/28/13


T had a terrible reaction to the digestive enzymes.  Horrible night.  So that's a no go.  On the plus side, the squash is going well, and we are planning to start bananas on Tuesday.


Also of note, I discovered that my college class ring, which has not fit since before I was pregnant with my DS, fits once more.  Huge victory!  I look in the mirror and I'm like "Damn, girl!"  I feel so good about myself!!


Meal 1: The usual.


Meal 2: Carnitas leftovers.  Yummmmmmmmm.....


Snack: HB egg and a few cashews


Meal 3: BBQ pork ribs (simply rubbed with salt, pepper and paprika), coleslaw with homemade mayo dressing, Green bean casserole (http://fedandfit.com/2012/11/20/paleo-green-bean-casserole/), and sweet potato fries. 


T ate a lot of ribs and a dish of the pureed squash.  And he felt fabulous.  I'm about ready to advocate an "all ribs, all the time" diet for him - lol.

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Day 21 - 7/29/13


T had a great night of sleep last night, which means I had a great night too!!  :)


Meal 1: Two egg cups, 1/2 avocado, banana.


Meal 2: Got hungry a little early at 11:30, but I guess Meal 1 was a little light.  The last of the carnitas (sob - will have to make again) topped with 1/2 avocado and salsa, large bowl of hm coleslaw, cherries.


Went to S'bucks with the girls from work.  Had a tall Americano.  Caught flack from the girls ("I don't know if there's anything here you can even have!"), but whatever. 


Also, I started some research on purchasing a side of beef, a pig, and possibly some lamb (pastured) from local farmers.  I'm excited to do that this fall.  I've been watching Craigslist like a hawk for chest freezers.


Meal 3: Zoodles with meat marinara sauce.  My mom made the zoodles - her first attempt.  They weren't pretty, but they were way more delicious than I even expected.  I'm considering whether to spring for a spiral slicer of some kind - the mandoline didn't work very well.  But it's just more kitchen gadgets.


I've pretty much narrowed down that the cause of the worst of Travis's issues over the past 3 weeks (other than the die off) have been the digestive enzymes - whenever I added them he felt bad, whenever I stopped them he felt happy.  So that's the answer to that.  We are now wondering if we can bring him back onto a Whole30 (maybe a low-FODMAP Whole30) instead of the SCD diet, now that we know the source of most of the issues.  I think he'd heal the fastest if he stayed on the purees, but I know that he'll probably still heal on Whole30 and that it gives him back a relatively normal life sooner.  I've asked him to give SCD a couple more days just to make sure that things are stable before we decide to bring back some whole (i.e. non-pureed) foods for him.

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Day 22 - 7/30/13


Another semi-rough night for T.  :(


Meal 1: 2 egg cups, a few meatballs and tomato sauce.  Banana


Meal 2: Cole Slaw, ground beef and sweet potato hash with cholula. a few cherries.


Meal 3: Mexican chicken over cole slaw topped with guac.  Green beans.


I'm honing in on the best deal for purchasing pastured pork and beef that I can find around here.  Now we just have to get a chest freezer!!

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Day 23 - 7/31/13


Ordered our half pig last night.  So excited!!


Meal 1: the usual.


Snack: HB egg


Meal 2: grilled chicken breast mixed into leftover green bean casserole - SO GOOD.  cole slaw


Meal 3: Chicken leg quarter.  Green bean and mushrooms in coconut milk reduction. tomato slice.  Signature strawberry banana salad.


T is back on the whole30 and off of SCD.  We determined that we think his distress was entirely caused by digestive enzymes plus die off.  Hoping this keeps him more positive.  I'm optimistic.  We might not strictly follow low-FODMAP, we'll just avoid the known-issue foods.


T's parents are in town to visit (my paleo-eating mom left this morning).  We pitched them tonight on trying a whole30.  Or as good an approximation of one as they can.  I gave MIL ISWF.  We'll see - they should see some results while they are here because I'm cooking dinners and lunches, and they eat eggs for breakfast.  So... hopefully.


I'm joining a friend's Focus T25 fitness challenge group - using Whole30 as the nutrition part of it and adding workouts.  I hope this will super charge results.  The workout DVDs are being shipped, so I probably won't have them until my Whole30 is officially over, which I think is good because it gives me a baseline.  This time I will be sure to take a "before" picture.


Tired and happy.

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Day 24 - 8/1/13 Our 4th wedding anniversary


Meal 1: 3 egg cups with the usual veggies.  These egg cups don't work for me.  I got ravenously hungry around 11am.


Meal 2 (at 11:30): Leg quarter of chicken, green beans with mushrooms and coconut milk, cole slaw.


I had to work late and didn't get home until nearly 9pm.  My wonderful husband (who is feeling loads better!!!) had a grilled pork chop, 1/2 sweet potato, and grilled zucchini and carrots arranged into a flower.  What's truly amazing is that I did not get hungry!  I was able to maintain focus and complete my work for more than 2 hours after normal dinner time!  I can't express how much of a change this is for me!


As I mentioned, T is doing much better.  I guess we should have just been doing the plain Whole30 for him all along....

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Day 25 - 8/2/13


Meal 1: The usual plus divine Waldorf Chicken Salad from Well Fed.


Snack: Kombucha.  Must learn how to make this myself....


Meal 2: The rest of the chicken salad, some zoodles marinara, and some strawberry banana awesomesalad.


Did a workout (35 minutes of a Jillian Michaels video) because I'm joining a friend's fitness challenge group for the month of August.  Wasn't hungry after, so didn't have a PWO snack, even though I had plenty of


Meal 3: Sri Lankan chicken curry from Well Fed, with added sweet potato, mushrooms, and spinach.  Topped with some cashews.  Served over zoodles, which totally impressed my in-laws.  And my kids, who woofed it down.  As did I - made my tummy happy.


All is well.  Travis finally, finally is getting some tiger blood.  I made ghee - it was easy.  I think we're getting the hang of this.

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Day 26 - 8/3/13


Meal 1 - The usual.  Fig.


Meal 2 - Leftover Sri Lankan Curry.  Even better the second day!


Meal 3 - Carnitas over spring greens with green chiles, guacamole, and scallions.  Brussels sprouts.


The in laws are experiencing carb flu.  And maybe a die off.  It's their day 3.

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Day 27 - 8/4/13


Meal 1: the usual.  a fig.

Meal 2: chicken thigh and some leftover carnitas, with baby kale, guac, and brussels sprouts

Meal 3: Sirloin steak, sauteed mushrooms and tri-color peppers, sweet potato fries dipped in mayo.  Divine!


I think my cycle is going to be a normal length this month. 

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Day 28 8/5/13


I've joined a Beachbody challenge run with a friend.  I'm eating whole30/paleo for the nutrition and not doing shakeology, but I'm in need of help and motivation in the workout department, so I'm taking up FocusT25 as of Thursday.  Until it arrives, I have been doing some Jillian Michaels stuff.  Today I worked out first thing, so I attempted the PreWO/PostWO eating, and I'm not sure I'm getting this right.


PreWO: 2 HB eggs.  This felt like a TON, but this is what they suggested in ISWF.  I think I should start with one.


Post WO: a little bit of chicken.  I sure didn't feel like eating.


Meal 1 at 9:30: a half portion of carnitas with greens, guac, and green chiles. 


Meal 2 at 1pm - I ate when I got hungry: Sri Lankan curry leftovers.


Then I was super hungry by dinner time. 


Meal 3 at 6:30pm: Roast leg of lamb, cucumber mint salad, mixed veggie stir fry of butternut squash, green beans, red pepper.  Divine.  DS drank the lamb jus like soup and kept asking for "more juice."


Can't believe we're almost "done."  I can't wait to measure....

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Day 29 - 8/6/13


Making more homemade, probiotically awesome yogurt for hubs and the kids while I type this.


Meal 1 - The usual, but with asparagus instead of spinach.  BP coffee.


Meal 2 - Mediterranean tuna salad (not too keen on the olives), steamed broccoli, two figs.


Meal 3 - Ridiculously delicious.  ISWF Salmon cakes and tartar sauce.  Cumin roasted carrots.  Green bean sautee with cherry tomatoes.  Mango/banana/strawberry salad with coconut milk/vanilla powder dressing. 


Love love love love eating this way.  T and I are going out for our anniversary belatedly this weekend.  We plan to eat paleo, but not Whole30.  This coming week I plan to have some frozen yogurt, and go out for (paleo) lunch with a girl from work, but then after next week I'm back on Whole30.  I LOVE eating this way and I LOVE the way I feel!


Our pastured lamb is arriving tomorrow by UPS.  The pig won't be ready until after December 1 - boo. 


I can't wait to get numbers on my results.  Thursday morning.

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So here we are.  Day 30 - 8/7/13


It's weird because it doesn't feel like I'm "done."  It feels like I'm just beginning.  I intend to eat this way (other than reintroducing some limited dairy, and limited added sugar like bacon, etc) forever.  So...  It's not really the end. 


But tomorrow I weigh.  I tell myself that I KNOW that I have changed.  I moved down a notch on my bra.  I went down a full pant size, and even some of those are loose-ish.  My shirts are hanging off me.  And yet.... what if it wasn't as much as I think it was?  What if I still have 50 lbs to go after all.  This is always the fear, right?  With people who have been sensitive about their size since they were 10 or so.  What if this isn't really working even though every scrap of evidence says that it is?




Woke up a little after 6am and did a little yoga this morning.  That was nice.


Meal 1: The usual with butternut squash and green beans and some sauerkraut.  And double avocado.  BP coffee.


Meal 2: roast lamb, 1/2 sweet potato, more squash and green beans. 2 figs.


Meal 3: Aidell's stir fry with veggies.  Cucumber/tomato/basil salad.  A few bits of stawberry and pineapple, but Andrew ate most of mine.


8 hours until the moment of truth.

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Day 31 - 8/8/13




                                                     Before        After       Change

Weight -                  227.8 lb      217.0 lb    -10.8 lb
Waist (at belly button) -  46   in       43.5 in    - 2.5 in
Natural waist -            41   in       37.5 in
    - 3.5 in  
Hips -                     50   in       48   in
    - 2   in

Thigh -                    29.5 in       28.5 in    - 1   in

Upper Arm -                15.5 in       15.5 in    - 0   in

Bust -                     46.5 in       45   in    - 1.5 in


Total inches lost  = 10.5


Other size changes: 

  • Down a pant size. 
  • Down a notch on bra band.
  • College ring fits for the first time in 3 years.


Other changes:

  • No longer a slave to food cravings and thinking about food all the time.  Total freedom.
  • High energy for playing with my two kids after work.  Also higher energy/better attitude at work.
  • Ovulated normally (CD 15) instead of late, normal luteal phase (13 days) instead of long, normal 28 day cycle.
  • Very motivated to work out.
  • General positive outlook on life.
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Congratulations! Great results! 


As for all the what ifs you posted about yesterday I would advice putting the scale away again and only letting yourself get on it once a month until the answer to those what ifs is something like oh well. 


Your "other changes" are the real wins and the things that will drive you towards long term health.


You go girl!

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