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My work is sending me to a training that's going to have me living in a hotel for three weeks! I had to go for a week earlier in the year and it was easy. When is was just a week I was able to cook a lot of food and bring it with me (driving to training). While I intend to do this for this trip as well I'm at a loss for what to do after week one! My resources will be limited to a very small refrigerator (no freezer) and a microwave.

This is the 4th time I've gone to training in this area. So I am familiar with available restuarants and I'm sure I can eat well for 2 & 3 meal. It's that first meal of the day that's going to be tricky. I won't have time to work out and go get breakfast in the morning. If I don't eat well before I go to training then it will be very difficult to resist the muffin/donut trays they put out every morning!

I would love to hear some suggestions on healthy breakfast ideas, and I'm okay with it being not necessarily "breakfast" foods.


PS--I'm not doing whole30 right now I still stay mostly compliant. I do have dairy in my diet with no problem but grains are a no go!


Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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I would work out in the morning and then bring my own food to eat while others have donuts. If you are comfortable with that, hardboiled eggs (peel them before the meeting  :) ), mini sausages, jerkey, compliant lunch meat (?), cut up raw fruit and vegetables (choose things that are good raw, like bell pepper strips, cherry tomatoes, maybe celery, etc.). You might be able to bring enough hardboiled eggs and keep them for three weeks, but if not, scope out a grocery store with a salad bar to stock up on already boiled eggs and already cut veggies.


good luck!

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You can probably microwave sweet potatoes (I've never actually tried it...)

If you'll have access to supermarkets, do they sell roast chicken or other precooked meats that you could add to salads for breakfast?  Or tins of tuna.


Do you have a camping stove?  That could open up your options.


Can you get up earlier so that you have time to work out and get breakfast?

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