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Good morning! I let myself sleep in today. Not sure what the total sleep was. I was awake at some point in the middle of the night (sweating) and probably went to be around 10:30. I've not been wearing my Zeo and I've been good about not checking the time when I wake up as when I do and see it is only 2 or 3 am it makes it harder for me to go back to sleep. My sinuses are draining into the back of my throat which is not pleasant, but everything I cough up is clear so I guess I'm ok? Kitchen is still a mess. Came home at lunch yesterday so I could make lunch and dinner and was going to try and make improvement on the kitchen but I think it is actually worse now.  :rolleyes: Had my first massage appointment in ages last night and I was her first client after being on crutches for many months. She beat the crap out of me but it hurts so good you know? First thing she said when I came in is that I looked like I'd lost a lot of weight.  :D She also said that my back/neck was not as bad as she was expecting which is good. Used to be that if I went more than a couple of weeks everything would revert so things are improving over all. :) Went to Trader Joe's to get some wet cat food afterwards (the cats won't eat the raw food I bought them if I don't put some wet food on top of it  :rolleyes: and got sucked in to all the fun food there. Ended up buying more pumpkin spice roobios tea (for home), coconut cashews (so much sugar in these), dried mangos, and olive oil potato chips. Than on getting home instead of going to bed or cleaning the kitchen I sat in front of the tv for 2 shows and mindlessly ate cashews and mangos. Yikes! 


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: Breakfast Meatza (OMG That's Paleo?), black coffee

Exercise: Body Pump 76 (one of my favorite releases)

M2: Breakfast Meatza, black coffee, grapefruit

M3: Italian Meatballs (Well Fed 2), spaghetti squash, pasta sauce

M4: Chicken Basil Meatloaf (OMG That's Paleo?), Carrot Soup with Carrot Top Pesto, apple

Snacks: kombucha, coconut cashews, dried mango

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Signs of improvement from your masseuse is a really big deal - that's like the kind of long term changes we're all hoping for.  Way to go on making that happen.  I'm looking up this carrot top pesto that you've mentioned before.  Hope you enjoy your evening.

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Morning everyone! Pretty decent day yesterday. Work was sort of frustrating but the rest of the day was good. Sent my boss (the owner of our little company) home because he said he felt nauseous. I told him not to touch anything and to leave! ;) Spent about an hour and a half at the gym practicing WIM with my peeps and helping my own friend video so she can get approved to teach. I bought this cute little video camera for $60 at Staples but then found out it breaks up the video into 5 minute segments which will not do when I need to tape my whole class to submit for my certification. So I returned that and ordered something else from Amazon with great reviews. Both were waterproof/shockproof which I thought were good options for taping on a pool deck. ;) Came home and finally got my kitchen cleaned up (for the most part) before community group last night. Came home from CG and ate the rest of those coconut cashews and watched Arrow even though I should have put my laundry away and gone to bed. I did attend to cat boxes first because someone at peed in the boot tray in the front hall. My new suede boots were in said try. I think they only got the rubber wet and I washed them off as best I could. Slept pretty well last night. Woke up around 4:30 (yes I looked at the time) but went back to sleep finally and slept another hour or so after shutting off my alarm clock.


Food/Movement for Yesterday
M1: 4 eggs, bacon, raw fermented carrots, black coffee

M2: Italian meatballs (Well Fed 2), Carrot Soup with Carrot Top Pesto, apple, pumpkin coconut butter cup

M3: Breakfast Meatza (OMG That's Paleo?), orange

Snack: Coconut cashews 

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Bummer on the cat pee.  Yay for the newly ordered video camera and for falling back asleep.  And super yay for the time spent with your friend videoing.  It all sounds so wonderfully balanced and engaged.  Of course, it probably doesn't always feel that way, but from the outside, you're looking good.

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I wore the boots yesterday and I didn't smell a litter box following me so I think we are ok. Yay for thick rubber soles. I really need to spray them with the protection spray so that if I have to wash them again they will not get ruined.


Had a good day yesterday. Made some progress at work. Had an awesome pump class! Feeling stronger every time I go! More pushups on my toes. More hovers on my toes. More tricep dips. Woot sauce!


Slept fairly well last night. I feel like I was awake at some point but not for super long. Probably got around 7 hours of sleep.


Team teaching Water in Motion again this morning. Just 2 tracks again like on Monday. Figuring out launch week yesterday and I'm getting to teach all 4 classes which is awesome. Should be totally ready to video by the 2nd week of Nov!


Got my order from Cappello's yesterday! Grain free/gluten free cookie dough, gnochi, fettucini, and lasagna. Yum! 


Today is my 5th wedding anniversary.  :wub: Sadly my husband's broken tooth is not getting fixed until Monday so we are postponing our trip to Ruth's Chris to celebrate until next week. Of course I was planning to start a Whole20 on that Friday, but I think I will postpone it a few more days and make it a Whole14 (so starting Nov 7th). 


Still fighting off some sinus yuck so had hot water with ACV and honey in the morning and before bed. Lots of tea in between.


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: Breakfast Meatza (OMG That's Paleo?), Orange, Black Coffee

M2: Spinach and Feta Salmon Patty, Olive Oil Potato Chips, Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter Cup

M3: Turkish Doner Kebab Burger (Well Fed 2), carrots, mayo, raw cheddar

Exercise: Body Pump 74

Snack: 2 fried eggs, dried mango

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Good morning ladies! Thanks for all the well wishes. As suspected nothing special last night. Oh well. I ended up coming home from work at 4:30 and making dinner. I decided to make the grain free gnocci and the grain free chocolate chip cookies I got from Cappello's. I ate the entire package of gnocci which was not wise and about two cookies. I had terrible heart burn the rest of the night. Too much almond flour. Thankfully a dosing of acv/honey tea calmed my stomach enough so I could sleep. Fell asleep with my glasses on and kindle propped up while laying on my side. Not sure how long I slept like that but my entire left side was pins and needles when I finally went to sleep for reals. Wasted pretty much my entire evening watching tv. I need to sit down today and write out some lists of projects and things I just love to do but "never have time" and really make a point of going to those lists when I have time versus always watching tv. I did recently sign up for a Maven box from Julep (nail polish without lots of nasties) and had received that so I spent some of my tv time giving myself a long overdue mani/pedi. Teaching went well yesterday though I think it went better on Monday night. I was a little late cueing on one of my tracks. Not too much of import to report. ;)


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: 4 fried eggs, apple, carrot soup with carrot top pesto

Exercise: Water in Motion (2 tracks teach, 7 in water)

M2: Turkish Doner Kebab Burger (Well Fed 2), mayo, raw cheddar, olive oil potato chips

Grande Americano Starbucks

M3: Grain free gnocci from Capello's with pasta sauce and Italian meatballs (1st serving) and raw cheddar and bacon (2nd serving), 2 grain free chocolate chip cookies 

Hot water with ACV and raw honey

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Yeah, that's the problem with paleofied things - too much almond flour!  It's a bummer, isn't it? 


I use an ap called Cozi to manage my to do list.  I like it because I can access it on my phone and on my computer so I can easily check my shopping lists, add things as I think of them, check off my to do lists, etc.  I keep a general project to do list like you mentioned of things I want to get done as well as a specific daily to do list.  Today's list includes switching up my kombucha and prep work for this week's meals.  And Target. :)


Fun to hear you're on the ACV train now, too!

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My problem isn't so much about keeping a list it is in the execution of the list. LOL! 


Good day yesterday. Pump Express/CX kicked me to the curb. It seriously hurts in my abs to cough today! Went out to the farm for my last regular CSA pickup of the season and signed up for Nov shares and took the plunge and pre-paid for the 2014 summer season. A lot of money up front but we have it in the bank. I need to add a budget category for CSA and just put a bit aside every month so when it is time for next year's pre-pay it will have been budgeted already. Came home showered, made lunch, and collapsed on the cough for a while. Finally coaxed myself up and cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and put my new stuff away. Made a batch of creamy leek soup and a batch of turnip fritters. Sliced up the rest of the leeks I had and froze them for another recipe. Still need to meal plan today and hopefully get through all my veggies this week. I think I need to finally try my dehydrator too as I've got a lot of fruit right now. I also have 4 or 5 pomegranates so I want to try and make these:


Babysat for my friends' kids last night. Had a bit of a scare as the almost 3 year old took a pretty impressive tumble. Worked on my scripting for Water in Motion. Came home and watched more tv and had a snack even though I should have gone to sleep. Ate way too many cookies yesterday. Seriously food with no breaks. Slept like the dead for at least 7 hours last night. Didn't even wake up when my hubby came home. That was nice.


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: 4 eggs, 1/2 acorn squash w/ coconut butter, black coffee

Exercise: Body Pump Express/CXWORX

M2: 2 Turkish Doner Kebab Burger (Well Fed 2), mayo, raw cheddar, entire head of lettuce with ranch (Well Fed ), 2 grain free chocolate chip cookies

M3: Spinach, Feta, Salmon Burger, mayo, Turnip Fritters

Snack: apple, raw cheddar, too many grain free chocolate chip cookies  :P 

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Congrats on the CSA!  Fun!  We can't get year round shares here.  My summer share is done.  So sad!  My husband really hates root vegetables so we didn't get the fall share.  I may go back to it next year now that I've found two recipes he'll eat (the root bacon mash and the turnip/potato patties).  I'm missing out on a lot of squash by not getting the fall share!


I'm glad the 3yo is ok!  It's amazing how kids bounce!  Until they don't.  I can't tell you how many times my kids have had falls that should have resulted in something serious and didn't.  So far, we've had only one broken bone, knock on wood! 

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The fall/winter share is basically the CSA owner acting as a go between with a local organic vendor. Its a little markup over the wholesale price for her time but she makes sure you get the most bang for your buck each week. That is how their summer fruit shares work too. It keeps me in a good selection of stuff and it keeps people coming to the farm through the off season. I'd be sad missing out on all that squash too. I've still got a counter full of it! I can't believe I used to be a squash hater. So glad I have been reformed!


I'm always amazed at the resilience of most kids. My baby sister was the accident prone one in our home so I know that it isn't always the case. 


Had a pretty good day yesterday. Actually got some chores done for a change. Church and kids ministry was good. Mostly calm class this week which was nice. Did have one little boy who got upset near the end and he insisted on me picking him up but than was pushing me away while I was holding him. I also left with a mysterious wet spot on the back of one of my calves that I can only attribute to having a drooling ankle biter hanging on the back of my leg at some point. ;)


Didn't sleep terribly well last night which is a bummer. Got up and ate a banana in hopes it would help but actually made my tummy a little upset. Finally got up again and read in the living room until I fell asleep on the couch. Went back to bed when I woke up with my neck all kinked and mostly slept through the night. My husband is having a crown done today and the dentist gave him sleeping pills so he would be calm at his appointment. He had to take one last night and another in about 20 minutes. He is sleeping like the dead at the moment. 


Food Yesterday:

M1: 4 eggs, creamy leek soup, black coffee, bacon

Snack: 2 grain free cookies

M2: butternut squash soup and pork tacos with avocado and rice and beans (at Cactus)

Grande Half Caf Americano

M3: 2 hamburgers with raw cheddar, red potatoes roasted in bacon fat, mayo (this meal was too large, I only really needed half of it)

Snack: grain free cookie (glad these are almost gone), banana

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I hope you got a good night sleep last night.  I slept hard, but not long enough.  I think I've been missing out on a little sleep for many nights and it's catching up with me.  I actually broke down and had a 1/2 cup of coffee yesterday afternoon.  I can't go to bed early tonight, but maybe tomorrow night.  Tonight we have my husband's family coming over.  They usually stay later than I'd like, even as I start putting the kids to bed and doing the dishes.  I don't like to be rude, but it is a school/work night.  Hopefully, they'll take the hint.  :)

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Sadly I didn't sleep that much better last night. Maybe a little bit. I looked at my calendar and I'm about a week out from my period so that could explain the sleep. Ugh. As it stands supposed to get my period on the same day I teach half the class for the first time. That should be fun.  :rolleyes: Had a pretty good day yesterday. Taking the husband to the dentist was interesting. Little like having a teenager. Had to schedule his next appointment and pay and all that. He doesn't really remember any of it. Those are some powerful drugs they gave him. Had a decently productive day at work. Class went alright last night though I tripped over what to say in the first track I taught. I think that the scripting I have done might do more harm than good. Rethinking and might try a different approach. Didn't get any of my chores or cooking done last night because I was so tired. Tried to eat a proper post workout meal when I got home. Baked chicken breast with sweet potato puree. Couldn't really stomach the sweet potato. Not sure if it was just past its prime (it was in a jar from sometime last week) or what. Any advice on making my chicken and sweet potato a little tastier? Need to go to the store tonight because I forgot to buy the pork chops I need when I was there on Sunday. Need to figure out when I'm making my lunch for today. Might just come home from lunch. Of course I'm going to the gym at 2pm to practice as well. Sadly the only times there are not classes in the ggx room is early early morning, afternoon, and late late night. So glad I have a flexible work environment.


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: 3 eggs, kraut, 1/2 acorn squash with coconut butter

M2: Romanian Burger (Well Fed 2), mayo, creamy leek soup, last 2 grain free cookies


M3: Chicken Basil Meatloaf (OMG That's Paleo?), mayo, Belly Dance Beet Salad (Well Fed 2)

Exercise: Teach/Participate Water in Motion

Post WO: Baked chicken breast, sweet potato puree with cinnamon, got into a bag of raw organic cacao nib cashew clusters after the not so tasty post wo food, hot water with acv and raw honey 

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