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It sounds like you've had a couple of crazy days!  Congrats on good feedback at WIM!  It's about the same temp here, but we have snow.  Which is good because I have an excuse to work at home. :)  We're supposed to get snow all day and probably will end up with 6 inches or so.  My parents 2 hours North, though, had 16 inches as of Noon yesterday and it wasn't letting up! 

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Jen: No snow here thank the good Lord! It's sunny which is nice...almost up to 40 now! 


Nadia: Yes I do get a nice high from it! I love that I'm giving back some of the awesome instructor love I've received!


Found a dress for the auction this morning and have a pork shoulder in my crock pot for potluck tonight. Need to find shoes to go with the dress. I might look at Target first to see if I can find something cute but cheap because the dress is gorgeous and definitely not cheep. Was able to fit into a size 10 petite so no hemming needed! :) Found someone to do my hair and makeup too.

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Good morning! Potluck last night went alright. Came back with my leftover brownies than I would have liked (I don't think I put enough honey in them) and I have a big mess where my rice cooker failed me. Stayed up way too late again. Doing my nails for tonight (please don't chip today) and watching some tv. Woke in the night with gym politics anxiety which was stupid. Read until I couldn't hold the kindle up anymore. Probably only got 5 hours of sleep last night. Stink. Going to BodyPump this morning and will leave early to help my friend tape for her WIM certification. So much to do today. 


Food/Movement Yesterday:

M1: 3 eggs scrambled in sauteed kale, bacon, black coffee with gelatin

M2: paleo meatloaf (Civilized Caveman), mayo, spring mix salad with homemade vinegrette, 2 clementines, square of dark chocolate

Exercise: ~1.5 mile walk to/from Starbucks

Grande Americano with a very little bit of half and half (they didn't add enough cold water to make it not burn my tongue)

M3: Potluck (so everything was little bits and bites) apple ginger pork (OMG That's Paleo?), 2 perogies (weakness...I love these), kielbasa wrapped in bacon with cream cheese (2), hot chicken wing, fruit salad, cream of broccoli soup (so good but found out it was pretty processed after the fact and probably shouldn't have eaten it), dark chocolate cake brownies (Against all Grains)

herbal tea with gelatin

piece of grass fed cheddar when I got up in the night because I was hungry

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Gelatin!  It's on my mind today and I bought some orange juice to make some nice warm broth.  I know  - o.j. doesn't sound like a warm broth kind of thing, but I LOVE it.  I also love all the recipes you're making from WF2.  I think the book might go on our Christmas list.


Your schedule is crazy busy and gym politics sounds like the worst kind of thing to assault your mind late at night.  Ugh.  Hope your day goes well.  

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Is the auction tonight?  If so, have fun!


Yes! I hope I can stay awake! I'm feeling a bit run down today.


Purchased some super cute sparkly shoes that actually don't seem to hurt my feet this morning too. Yay! 


Might be a more coffee kind of day.

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Another crazy day in the books! Went to most of BodyPump sneaking out just before the lunge track to help my friend tape her WIM class. Sadly her camera pulled the 29 minute bit so we are going to do it again today with mine. Was going to shower at the gym but they had men in the locker room working on the sauna. Stopped on the way home in my gym clothes to buy shoes. Finally got showered and got my stuff and my husbands stuff together and out the door. Work for a few hours. Then off to get my hair and makeup done. Can I tell you that wearing open toed shoes in 30 degree weather is quite cold? Brrr! Got to husbands office and he changed and said "we're walking there right" and I gave him the stink eye. The auction was fun and very different from some of the others we have been too. The organization is called Child's Play and they provide games of all sorts to children's hospitals around the world. So all the auction items were focused at gamers and the array of outfits went from standard ballgowns and tuxes to the kind of cosplay that you would see at a gaming convention. Quite fun! Food was fabulous too. I had two desserts as my husband doesn't eat his (so worth it) and extra vegetables for the same reason. Got home to find one of the cats had puked on our bed (no fun) so that put a slight damper on the evening but otherwise a lovely time. Picture is forthcoming...I need to upload it to flickr.

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Good morning! Been a crazy couple of days with lots of off plan eating. Yikes! Must get my kitchen cleaned up and stick to my meal plan this week. Friday I helped my friend re-video her WIM class and then work and then the gym employee Christmas party which was interesting. Seeing your fitness idols drunk is an experience for sure. I danced until the music stopped at 11pm and had a lovely time. Ate a little of every appetizer which included some gluten and some peanut sauce and I had sparkling cider and ginger ale with cranberry juice but passed on the cupcakes because they didn't look worth it. Woke up sore from dancing on Saturday and dragged myself to pump/cx anyway. Ouchies! After class I picked up my farm box and home for shower and lunch. Went over to help my friend finish her video submission and just hang out. Stopped to buy more meat and cat food on the way home and decided to buy dinner as I was running short on time as I left to babysit as soon as I finished putting my groceries away. Saw some yummy looking spinach and mushroom pizza so that is what I got with a chicken caesar salad. Gluten for the win.  :rolleyes: Babysitting went fine. She just wanted to watch her Sprout shows so I let her. Tummy wasn't super happy after 2 pieces of pizza and salad last night (I ate the croutons too...I should have tossed those). 




M1: 4 eggs scrambled with sauteed kale, bacon, black coffee with gelatin

M2: turkish doner kebab burger (Well Fed 2) with raw cheddar, apple, dark chocolate cake brownie (Against All Grain), kombucha

Grande Americano at like 4pm because I was fading and wanted to escape the office for a little bit

M3: can of tuna with mayo, couple of slices of raw cheddar (I had stuff for salad with me but didn't want it)

Party: baked potato halves with sour cream and pancetta (2), chicken satay with peanut sauce (2), terriyaki (?) meatball (1), caprese skewer minus the tomato (2), shrimp cream cheese dip on crusty bread (2), tapenade on pita (1), gingerale with cranberry juice, sparkling cider

Exercise: 1-2 hours of booty shaking ;)



M1: 4 eggs scambled with sauteed kale, bacon, black coffee with gelatin

Exercise: BodyPump Express/CX

M2: 2 grass fed hot dogs with mayo and mustard, 1 large cucumber with salt and mayo

snack: handful of cashews, cup of coffee black

M3: 2 slices of spinach and mushroom pizza, small chicken caesar salad


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Hi hi!!!  Been gone for a bit but reading back through your logs it looks like we're on the same track.  Jumping right in here with some thoughts on gelatin ;) I have been drinking loads of tulsi tea as it help with hormone balance, relaxation, and helps with inflammation in the GI tract.  In an effort to get more gelatin in my life  I came across this recipe:


  • 4 cups strongly brewed tulsi tea, chilled (use 1 tsp. loose tea per cup of water and steep for 10 minutes)
  • 3 Tbs. grassfed gelatin
  • 2 heaping Tbs. raw honey
  • Pinch of salt


  1. In a saucepan, whisk together the tulsi tea and gelatin. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then turn the heat on medium and whisk until the gelatin dissolves. Let the mixture cool to room temperature (to preserve the healthy enzymes in the raw honey) then whisk in the honey and the salt.
  2. Pour into a mold, dish or bowl and chill until set.

I leave out the honey usually and this recipe has become the basis for the constant container of gelees I keep in my fridge.  I love using kombucha with it as well as water kefir.  I too add my natural calm to my gelee!  Great way to get it all in at once.  Now if only i could figure out how to get my butteroil/FCLO into it without changing the flavor :)


Anywho, looks like you are doing really well.  Love seeing your new pick, looking good lady!  Hoping to catch up soon :)

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Morning! Had a pretty good Sunday. Got up and had my normal breakfast. Got some laundry put away and more done and got some kitchen cleaning done. Looks like the cat puke has permanently stained our duvet cover which was falling apart anyway (wedding gift) so I will probably be shopping for a new one today. Not sure when I will have time to take the duvet itself to the laundry mat to wash so I may buy a new one of those as well. I will get this one cleaned and store it for company or the summer (I think I want to buy a thicker one). Church was good, lunch was fun, kids ministry was great. Came home and husband had ordered pizza so he didn't want to cook the steaks I had bought. *sigh* Did some WIM studying and then scrounged up dinner and played Star Wars until bed. Husband has another big dentist appointment for which he is being sedated today so will drive him to that. Going to go in to the gym and practice WIM and maybe run a couple miles. Nothing planned for this evening so hopefully can get some more housework done and/or go to bed early. I miss my 8 hour sleep nights.


Food Yesterday:

M1: 4 eggs scrambled in sauteed greens (organic girl 5 happiness salad), bacon, black coffee with gelatin

Grande Americano with a bit of heavy cream (I actually asked for some cold water but she misread it and I didn't feel like waiting for her to make it over)

M2: Chicken Chimichanga with rice, beans, sour cream, and guac at Cactus Restaurant

couple of pieces of homemade peppermint bark (not paleo, so worth it)

M3: 2 grass fed hot dogs with mayo and mustard, deviled eggs that I bought at the store last night but didn't eat, apple, 3 small red potatoes diced and roasted in bacon fat

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